Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rug Update.

I thought I would update you all on what's been going on with my living room rug.  You know the one I have been dreaming and wishing for in so many past posts!  
Let me just say it has not been the best experience and I am trying very hard to stay positive!
But hey, I'm not going to hide the bad stuff, I mean this little ole blog is about the good and the bad in redecorating a room!
I know it is kinda a blogger faux pas to complain about anything, I know they say positivity is key, but hey real life happens, and this is a REAL LIFE blog!

So here's the low down on the rug!
I finally got my rug picked up by UPS, and let me just say that getting to that point has not been very fun.  
The day after I received my rug I contacted West Elm letting them know it was defective.  They assured me they would take care of it and I would be sent a return kit asap.  Well I waited and waited for that little ole kit to show up in the mail, and after the allotted amount of time I contacted them again to see if I could get a tracking number for the kit.  Well I received a tracking number  a few days later and found out it had not been sent out until AFTER the second time I contacted them!
Well I assumed that the return kit would contain a UPS label for me to send it back did did contain some plastic packaging ( which I already had from them shipping it to me ) and ties to wrap around the rug....the ties were about a foot and  a half to short to actually tie around the rug.  At this point I was a little bit frustrated.  That was all that was in the the "return kit"  no UPS label, no instructions, nothing but stuff I could not use.  
I couldn't believe that was what I waited all these weeks for!
I immediately got on the phone with West Elm customer service, now this was the part that has got me so frustrated, and a little uncertain as to if I am going to even be receiving my rug!
The representative seemed to have no idea what she was doing!   In fact she didn't respond to almost anything I asked, now I believe I am a very patient person,  but to let a customer hang there on the phone and just really not respond to anything  is to me beyond rude!  I actually thought my phone must have lost service a few times she let me hang there that long!  Actually had to ask "hello?" a few times, her response was "yeah"   That's it!  She finally told me UPS would pick up my rug the next day, whew ok..... that was one thing taken care of.
I then asked her to re-issue me a replacement, saying the email I was originally sent said that's what would happen when I called to schedule the pick up.    She informed me that it had already happened and that I already had received the rug!  Already received it?!?!  Now this had me in a bit of a panic, because I had not received anything.  I asked her to look into that, received a "fine" as a response....she then responded " oh I guess you haven't". ..... again silence on the other end of the phone.....until I asked "umm, could you reissue me one while I'm on the phone like the original email said? ".  At first she refused, yes actually refused....I insisted.  Finally she did, acting like she was doing me a HUGE favor too!  Whew I was nothing short of steaming at this point!  I also was informed that it was on back- order until mid-August now.  Grrrr....if I didn't like this rug soooo much I would just say forget it all and get my money back!  But I do SO LOVE the look of this rug!
Well, here's the kicker I asked her to send me an email with all the information and an order number for the re-issued rug, so I could track it from my end, she informed me she would.  Well I have yet to receive that email, and with the other rug finally picked up by UPS I now have nothing in my possession  and no paperwork for the replacement rug!  So here's hoping I actually receive a rug!  I guess I'll be emailing West Elm again to try to obtain that information.  I deal with companies for work on a daily basis, and like to have all my paperwork in front of me if I am told once again that I already have it, and I actually don't!

Oh and in case you are wondering why I needed a replacement  rug,  here are a few images I snapped on my iPhone before I sent the rug back!

Whew, so that's the not so pleasant rug saga as of right now!
Here's to hoping this story has a happy ending!

Have any of you all had to deal with customer services representatives that really don't wish to do their job?
Or are just down right rude?


  1. Don't you hate it when companies have no respect for the customers that keep them in business? And they shouldn't have messed with a blogger - now everybody knows about your experience! I sometimes wonder why it is that large firms don't train their staff to remember that it is their customers that give them a job - it's not that hard to be polite!

  2. I visited their web site and subscribed to the mailing list after your glowing post of this company. I'm going to unsubscribe - I will not deal/buy from a company that has such terrible customer service.

  3. I'll be honest...I love me some west elm and pottery barn...(they are run by the same company) but, seriously I recieved some real crap from them. Also, their customer service stinks! They act like they are doing me a favor by shopping with them!! It just stinks. I'm so sorry about your rug! It's super cool... Hang in there! :)

  4. I was having second thoughts about writing my horrible experience with west Elm. I even have a post written but have not published it. I think I should do it.


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