Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Round Up of Chic on the Cheap!

I realized I haven't done a  Cheap Chic Finds post in quite a while and 
wanted to share a few fabulous items I've come across lately!  Most importantly they are FABULOUS prices!!
Take a Look!

I found these large glass lamps on sale for $27 while wandering around Target the other day!

These were gorgeous, and would be perfect in any room!

West Elm had this great diamond Jute 5X8 rug on sale for $189!  
What a great price!!

Just in case you missed this in a recent post, and well I didn't share with you all were to find it, AND because I'm in LOVE with these lamps....   These are from Pier 1, and retail for only $55!

While not the best deal of the day, this gorgeous coconut chip mirror from West Elm is just too fabulous to pass up!
It's currently on sale for $159!

Home ORB Sunburst Metal Mirror 23" - 23"x3/5"

This gorgeous  sunburst mirror is only $24.99!!

Have you all found any Super Cheap Chic Finds lately?!?!



  1. Looks great! I purchased the West Elm rug for my kitchen a few weeks ago. I love it!!

  2. Great finds, all of which look like your style.

  3. I think I just might have to get that lamp and mirror! Pinned them of course :)


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