Monday, July 11, 2011

Girlfriends & Shoes!

Hey all!
 I hope you are having a lovely start to the week!  
Did you miss me last week?
 I have seriously been MIA from the blog way longer than I expected, I haven't even worked on any projects this past week!!  Shocking!  I know!!  But maybe you'll forgive me when I tell you why!  
Or at least I hope you will!!

You see my very best-est friend ever came in to town for a very short-short amount of time and
 we had some catching up to do!!

 We are, one Blonde and one Brunette!  
But, she understands me like nobody else!
We DID NOT get any sleep either, too much catching up to do.  
It was like being back in middle school, at a sleepover!

We definitely hit the streets hard and fast to do lots of shopping together!
She is my favorite shopping partner!
( Bonus- I think I may have found my new favorite jeans! ) 

as for the rest of the week I was crazy busy at work preparing for our end of the season shoe sale!
You know there is something about women and shoes that we all go crazy about!  
Myself included!

Does this saying ring true for you!?!
Well then you just may have been one of the ladies at our sale this past week.......

Possibly walking out with a pile of shoes bigger than you are!!

Well I promise to be back to my regular broadcasting soon, in fact I am headed to Lowe's to pick up some paint after I leave work today!
What have you all been up to this past week?!?!



  1. cassie {hi sugarplum}July 16, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    Sounds like the best kind of visit!!! Glad you had fun with your friend!

  2. Girl! Jeans are seriously the most difficult thing for me to find! They seriously never fit me right! So I have been on the hunt for a fabulous pair no matter the cost! Until now, not even designer jeans were ever THE pair....until this last week when I tried on a pair of Tory Burch straight leg jeans! They were AMAZING!! And they felt like I was wearing pajamas....not to be confused with pajama jeans...which are and will never be acceptable attire to wear! Anyway they were pretty amazing and are now my new favorites!

  3. It was! Thanks Girl!

  4. Sounds like fun!! I can't wait to see what you've been doing and I NEED to hear about these jeans...I have a serious jean addiction!


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