Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally a finished furniture redo!

I feel as if this makeover has taken me forever to finish! I kept changing my mind as to what I wanted to do with it, lets call it decorating ADD!  I really love so many different looks that I kept changing my mind!  Do you all ever get that way?
 This is actually the second makeover for this little guy, and I am so pleased with how it turned out!!
Just a little recap,  I bought this table at a thrift store for $9.99, with every intention of turning the piece into a bench for a little nook under the window in my bedroom.  

After its first little makeover it looked like this

It lived like this for about a year or so.  I really did love it like this but I've been wanting to do something new in my bedroom and the color of this would have fought to much with the drapes I'm making for the room.  So it had to go!  I've always been a paint- the- furniture- white kinda girl and to an extent I still am, but living in am apartment right now that does NOT allow paint on the walls can look a little blah with all white furniture!  So that was why I went with such a vibrant yellow!
I started thinking about refinishing this project again when I found a gorgeous yellow and white fabric for drapes in my bedroom, and since this is going to be placed right next to my new drapes the color definitely needed to be taken down a notch!

As I didn't need to sand or prime this piece it was much easier to get started on than the last time I refinished it!!  I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but this was originally a coffee table that  had two inlaid wood squares in the center of it.   That is what I cut out and then put batting and fabric on to give it a nice upholstered finished look.  
Anyway back to the painting I decided to use  Benjamin Moore paint with a pearl luster in graphite.  Its pretty much a soft shade of black...if I can call black a soft shade..
Here's some pictures of me painting the piece!  
Sorry the quality is not the best, I took them on my was the closest thing I had, and I couldn't find my camera !

Can you see the chevron fabric in the top right corner?  I've got something planned for that!  Hopefully it will work out!  But I'll share with you all one way or the other! Cross your fingers for me!

After painting all day I then had to undo the upholstery, and as you can see by use of the butter knife it was very professional!

Tiny little staples went everywhere....but don't worry about my little toes....I think I got all of them off the floor......I think.....

Next I measured and cut my fabric

Sorry I couldn't get any pictures of me actually stapling the fabric on, I was the only one home at the time and it was too hard to staple and take a picture!

But if you have never done this before, it super easy just lay your wood on top of your fabric, print side down.   Then take the very center of one side and staple, then go to the opposite side and staple the center again.  Your remaining two side are the same, pull the fabric taut and staple in the center.  Once the center of every side is done,  I then like to staple in between the center staple ( of whichever side you want) and the corner again trying to staple in the center of those two things.  I pretty much do that all the way around flipping to the opposite  of the wood.  I apologize if this is confusing...but its kinda hard to explain.  But by flipping to opposite sides of the wood you ensure that no one side is pulled to tight, making you fabric lopsided.  This is especially important if you are working with a pattern!
But if you just keep in mind that one thing, and keep flipping you will be fine!

Here she is with her new fabric!  
The paint was still kinda tacky so I only set the upholstered squares on top!

And here she is under the window in my bedroom!

And here she is a few days later with a few pillows on her!

I still have not completely pushed my upholstered squares into the wood where they should be.  I really want  the paint to cure for a week or so before I do that!

I love how it came out!  
It was so worth all my indecision with what to do with it!
Now lets see if I can get those new drapes finished!

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  1. It looks wonderful. The new look is very classic and elegant!

  2. Her makeover looks the fabric that you used.


  3. This is GORGEOUS!!
    I love the "working in flip flops" look. Awesome.

  4. Very pretty and a huge improvement over the original yellow scratchy paint job. The material is fabulous and the green pillow just makes everything pop.

  5. Beautiful job! Found you through Finding Fabulous linky party. I can't get enough of that green pillow! Did you make that?

  6. You guys are so sweet! I'm so glad you all like it!
    Attempting Aloha,
    I didn't make this pillow, but I'm currently working on a similar DIY one! I found this one at HomeGoods for $12.99 and couldn't pass it up! I'll Post my DIY version as soon as I get it finished!

  7. Gorgeous! I love the new fabric pattern.

  8. HI there! I am your newest follower from the weekend blog hop!! I love finding new blogs and your is lovely:) You can find me at
    WOW. gorgeous redo:)
    Take a *peek* at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!!

  9. I'm slow. And impatient. ;) I've been wanting to make a similar flower pillow from my wedding dress to put in my girls' room for a long time. I decided to just do a sampler this weekend. You can check it out if you're interested. It's a horrible tutorial, though! lol I linked to your site since you took such great pics and gave me the final inspiration I needed. I'm a follower now, so I'll watch for your pillow to come. Aloha, Charlie

  10. Eek, that is amazing! I am soooo envious. Love that you re-vamped a re-vamp, sometimes after all the work I am tempted to just buy a piece instead of breaking out the paint and staple gun, I'd love to see this in the room, how it all works together, I'm sure it's killer! (visiting from Heather's)

  11. Yes...very lovely. I love that green pillow. Nice contrast.

  12. I liked the yellow, but the pillows and fabric you added really make the black special. Nice job.

  13. Love that bench. I love the idea of the padded inlay. I am doing a table into a bench right now and I wish it had those inlay's. That really makes it cute. Love the fabric and that darling flower pillow. So cute.

  14. I love the color combo of green, black and white!

  15. Ohhhhh Wow! It is Beautiful! I can see why you have decorator's ADD, both styles are so PRETTY! It would be so hard to choose. And, what a great idea. You are very creative. :)
    Thanks for linking up today with Friday Pretties. Fun, Fun Post!

  16. GOOD JOB! the whole effect!.....great idea...don't you just love transforming something with paint & the colours together!
    Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. I have that new fabric of yours in turquoise & pink!

  17. AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think I have a near twin to this table/bench. I made mine over with the intentions of reselling it on Craigslist but Ive been too lazy to really do it. So its sitting,alone, in a guest room. Ive toyed with the idea of making it into a bench and now that I can "see" how it would look it gives me a good idea without doing the work(so thanks for that:)) I love the colors you chose too!

  18. Wow! That turned out so beautiful--I love the fabric and the pillows! I'm your newest follower-hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back if you'd like--I've got a couple refinishing projects on there you can check out too!

  19. Wow! It looks great! Makes me want to get a bench and try it!

  20. Stunning! Love the color combo. Even your adorable flip flops match!

    Take care,

  21. Great reuse of the coffee table! I like the fabric you chose too, and that green pillow? love it.

  22. I love how this turned out! Beautiful!! Thanks for joining my Flaunt it Friday party, please come back soon! :)

    PS: I'm your newest follower

  23. I love it both ways!! The new way is very fresh! Isn't it great to be able to change your furniture when you need it!

    awesome! and im a new follower =)

  24. Oh wow, that is fabulous! Thanks for the tutorial!

    P.S. I love the pillows on top, especially the green rosette!

  25. Ok we must be sistah's from another mistah'!!

    Because I used that same fabric for a throw pillow DIY:

    And I totally just got that same green "Flower" pillow in a latte color for my bed. If they had it in green I would have gotten it in green too!

    Too funny! I love this DIY! It's amazing what a coat of paint and some fabric can do to entirely transform something! Great job!!

  26. the bench turned out beautiful. good job.

  27. Wow, what a transformation. Looks like million bucks! Great job!


  28. Wow, that looks great! I love the fabric you chose and those pillows on top are adorable and go perfectly.

    P.S. I really liked the first one, too. :)

  29. Absolutely beautiful! Love the sheen of paint, the fabric and the pillows... just perfect!
    I'm putting it in the PoPP Spotlight tomorrow. Thanks for linking up!

  30. That's just beautiful. I am really inspired. By the way, did you make that green pillow? It really pops with all of that black and white. LOOOVE it!!! I'm going to follow you. Come follow me, too, if you like my stuff:)


  31. Love this!! I think you may have gave me the courage to tackle my coffee table!!
    Spotted you at a linky party!


  32. That looks absolutely fabulous! Great job!
    Thanks so much for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse Party! Always nice to see a new face! :)

  33. Ashley, the redo looks fantastic! I like the before color, but the black really looks great with the fabric. So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

  34. I love the whole thing! You are so crafty! Check out my coffee table that I'm doing! It's super cute and I'll be posting the finished project! I love following your blog! Jump on my train i've got a bunch of new stuff coming out!

  35. You did an absolutely wonderful job and the fabrics are lovely!

  36. So cute! Great Job! I liked the yellow too.. but this one looks so sophisticated :) And the green pillow is adorable!

  37. Very, very, very beautiful. Congrats:)

  38. This was beautiful yellow but even more gorgeous now! Love the pillows too.


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