Friday, July 29, 2011


While I was planning on getting a bazillion blogging things done this week.....
sometimes that just isn't the way it goes!
 You see I have not taken a week off from work in nearly five years, and decided that this week was going to be that week!   However,  I decided a little too late for Josh to get off the whole week, so this has been a nice little  Stay-cation. 
 I enthusiastically thought I would tackle and finish a million things on my ever growing projects list, but I guess I just need time to veg or spend time just checked out from it all,  as I haven't gotten too much done!  Ah well!  Sometimes it good to take time for yourself! 

But I thought I would share with you all some great ideas for fun and relaxing stay-cation!

What a fabulous way to make watching a movie more exciting!!
I just LoVe these lanterns as well!

I love the idea of making a grown up version of an old childhood pastime, nothing like building a tent to spend a romantic evening under the stars!

And if it's just too HOT outside, why not build one inside for a nice little picnic!

How about a fabulous picnic on the beach?!?!

Of course a little shopping and splurging on yourself is great too!

There is nothing more relaxing than an afternoon at the beach! 
 Just don't forget a glamorous hat and lots of sunscreen!

After all that, a skinny girl margarita is a perfect way to cool off!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How the UPS Man Ruined My Morning!

This is a sad little tale of how the UPS man ruined my morning....

You see I got up really early this morning with tons of energy and excitement to finally be painting my DIY Sofa Table!  YAY! 
But before I could do that I still need to do some prep work on one of the tables, I need to caulk a few of the seams, sand, and prime the second table.
 I soon realized that the caulking gun was all gunked up!  So what else was I to do but to cut a larger, and then larger hole in the top! I really wanted to get this done and couldn't run out to get some more because my car is in the shop for general maintenance.   I mean what would you do?!  
So the caulking came out way thicker and messier than I wanted, but if I just cleaned up the excess up quickly  I would be ok.  After wiping most off with a gloved finger I got up to get a damp rag to really clean off the excess.   
This is where it all began to fall apart, as I got up to get the damp rag, I heard a knock at the door.
Yup, you guessed it, there stood the UPS man with a package for me from JCrew.  Like I normally do I started into the package very enthusiastically, and started trying on all my lovely new things.  Well twenty or so minutes later I realized that the laundry I had going must be done.  So I gathered more to toss in and started folding everything that I took out.  Are you beginning to realize my problem?  Are you beginning to see how the UPS man ruined my morning?!?  
Well, if he had not knocked at my door at that very moment, if he had just waited ten more minutes before delivering my package, I would not have been sidetracked, and I would have had the time to get that damp rag and clean up the excess caulking!
But he did not! 
He ruined the rest of my morning!
Because as soon as I realized I need to get that off it was too late, it was rubberized to my lovely DIY Sofa Table!
So I spent the morning slaving sway with a sanding block, a razor, a ruler, and yes a butter knife in an attempt to get the excess off!
While most I did eventually get off some just WOULD NOT come off, so I did a little googling and found one little tip, one that I'm really hoping will work.  What I found out was to attempt to do everything I had already done, and if that didn't work then to try to paint or prime the area and then sand again.

Check out all the primed gunkie-ness!
I'm really hoping this little tip works!

This is a definite DIY don't!  Don't answer the door if you are caulking, and need to get the excess off right away!  Or maybe it's a don't if you just get easily sidetracked, like me!
Here's hoping this little mess cleans up nicely! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just for Fun!

So I thought it would be fun to see what great decorating items I could find  on!
Last week, when I found this fabulous sunburst mirror for only $24.99  it got me thinking about what other goodies I could find.   Just from searching this one site!

Home ORB Sunburst Metal Mirror 23" - 23"x3/5"

Here are just a few of my favorite items!! 
Many of which are now on my wish list!!

Baxton Studio Acrylic Nesting Tables, Clear

These acrylic nesting tables are only $128!!
Yup, you read that right, only $128!!

Louis Ghost Chair - Transparent Acrylic Chair

OMG!!!  a Louis Ghost Chair!!
This gorgeous beauty is only $46!!!
While shipping is rather steep for one of these, I still think it's one of the best deals
 I have seen on one of these chairs!
Why I haven't been searching for home decor items, I just don't know!!
This has been on my want, but probably will never be able to afford list for the longest time!
These fabulous chairs have been  on other sites for several hundred dollars apiece!!
I may just have to break down and get one for my desk area!

I also adore these Bone Mirrors that ring it at such a lovely price of $115!

Le Colonial Bone Wall Mirror - 14 Diameter by Zodax

Can't you just see them above a nail head trimmed headboard!!

This next lovely item I can not take credit for as the fabulous Cassie from HI Sugarplum! used it in her daughter's gorgeous room makeover!
But this one was such a deal I just had to share!


This cutie is only $16!!
If you want to see  how it looks in an actual space you should most definitely check out her daughters new room!  She did an amazing job!!

 Just in case you tastes run a little more to the silver or pewter side, and so you won't think I had forgotten about you!  Check out this lovely Sunburst Mirror by Two's Company!

Two Company Le Soleil Small Wall Mirror

One of my post would just not be complete without a little Jonathan Adler thrown into the mix!

Both of these books ring in at just under $10!

Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors

Hmm, I really do need to add thisbook to my collection of decorating books!

Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing

This one already has a happy little home on my sofa table!
This book is a great help with placing items about the room, especially smaller objects on tables and walls!

Just too many goodies to share all at once!
I can't believe they are all in one place either!
Do you all have a favorite ONLINE source when it comes to home decor!?!?
I'd love for you to share!!

Did ya see?!?

You may have seen a few of my projects featured on these fabulous blogs this week!
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to each and every one of them!!

My Living Room Makeover was featured on Be Colorful and Mod Vintage Life!!

While My Bamboo Chair Makeover was seen on It's Toile Good!

Thanks so much!
It's always so crazy to see my projects featured on other blogs!!


Pray for Peace...

As bloggers we have a voice, we get to share our thoughts, our hopes and our dreams; 
there is something so unique and special in that alone.

So today I wanted to share my thoughts, 
the events in Norway this past weekend are both heartbreakingly sad and a terrible reminder of similar stories we have experienced here in the States in the last several years.

So I just wanted to say please take a moment and pray for the victims, the survivors, their families, and all those who have been affected by this selfish and cowardly act.

Please Pray For Peace!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rug Update.

I thought I would update you all on what's been going on with my living room rug.  You know the one I have been dreaming and wishing for in so many past posts!  
Let me just say it has not been the best experience and I am trying very hard to stay positive!
But hey, I'm not going to hide the bad stuff, I mean this little ole blog is about the good and the bad in redecorating a room!
I know it is kinda a blogger faux pas to complain about anything, I know they say positivity is key, but hey real life happens, and this is a REAL LIFE blog!

So here's the low down on the rug!
I finally got my rug picked up by UPS, and let me just say that getting to that point has not been very fun.  
The day after I received my rug I contacted West Elm letting them know it was defective.  They assured me they would take care of it and I would be sent a return kit asap.  Well I waited and waited for that little ole kit to show up in the mail, and after the allotted amount of time I contacted them again to see if I could get a tracking number for the kit.  Well I received a tracking number  a few days later and found out it had not been sent out until AFTER the second time I contacted them!
Well I assumed that the return kit would contain a UPS label for me to send it back did did contain some plastic packaging ( which I already had from them shipping it to me ) and ties to wrap around the rug....the ties were about a foot and  a half to short to actually tie around the rug.  At this point I was a little bit frustrated.  That was all that was in the the "return kit"  no UPS label, no instructions, nothing but stuff I could not use.  
I couldn't believe that was what I waited all these weeks for!
I immediately got on the phone with West Elm customer service, now this was the part that has got me so frustrated, and a little uncertain as to if I am going to even be receiving my rug!
The representative seemed to have no idea what she was doing!   In fact she didn't respond to almost anything I asked, now I believe I am a very patient person,  but to let a customer hang there on the phone and just really not respond to anything  is to me beyond rude!  I actually thought my phone must have lost service a few times she let me hang there that long!  Actually had to ask "hello?" a few times, her response was "yeah"   That's it!  She finally told me UPS would pick up my rug the next day, whew ok..... that was one thing taken care of.
I then asked her to re-issue me a replacement, saying the email I was originally sent said that's what would happen when I called to schedule the pick up.    She informed me that it had already happened and that I already had received the rug!  Already received it?!?!  Now this had me in a bit of a panic, because I had not received anything.  I asked her to look into that, received a "fine" as a response....she then responded " oh I guess you haven't". ..... again silence on the other end of the phone.....until I asked "umm, could you reissue me one while I'm on the phone like the original email said? ".  At first she refused, yes actually refused....I insisted.  Finally she did, acting like she was doing me a HUGE favor too!  Whew I was nothing short of steaming at this point!  I also was informed that it was on back- order until mid-August now.  Grrrr....if I didn't like this rug soooo much I would just say forget it all and get my money back!  But I do SO LOVE the look of this rug!
Well, here's the kicker I asked her to send me an email with all the information and an order number for the re-issued rug, so I could track it from my end, she informed me she would.  Well I have yet to receive that email, and with the other rug finally picked up by UPS I now have nothing in my possession  and no paperwork for the replacement rug!  So here's hoping I actually receive a rug!  I guess I'll be emailing West Elm again to try to obtain that information.  I deal with companies for work on a daily basis, and like to have all my paperwork in front of me if I am told once again that I already have it, and I actually don't!

Oh and in case you are wondering why I needed a replacement  rug,  here are a few images I snapped on my iPhone before I sent the rug back!

Whew, so that's the not so pleasant rug saga as of right now!
Here's to hoping this story has a happy ending!

Have any of you all had to deal with customer services representatives that really don't wish to do their job?
Or are just down right rude?


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