Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleaning Out.

With all the festivities this last weekend,
I have not had much time this week to finish some of the projects I was soooo sure would be done by now! Hehe that's so typical of me!  I did however have make time to take a load of donations over to Goodwill!  
This stuff has been sitting in my living room for over a week, because I have just been too lazy to actually load it all up in my car!  But I have company spending the night tonight, and it was seriously time to get it all out!!
My super best friend, who I never see anymore; because she lives ridiculously far away now, is in town for just two days!  So forgive me as the post may be a little lite this week!  We have too much catching up to do!!
Anyway, here's some of the stuff I dropped off at Goodwill yesterday!

Here's the low down on what I got rid of:
2 lamps- one floor lamp, one desk lamp
3 towels, 3 wash cloths, 3 hand towels
1 small rug
1 small accent table
3 sparkly candle holders
2 wooden window shutters
1 large decorative window
1 frame
1 wooden wine rack
4 place mats 
1 Christmas wreath
1 piece of artwork
1 basket
1 set of queen sheets
total 29 items!

Not too shabby!  All of this stuff had been in the back of my closet for the longest time!  Most of it is stuff that has been hanging around since my college days! 
It's so nice to get rid of unwanted things!
I may just have to do another great clean out, and try to get rid of a 100 items!
Well, it's actually not that much more stuff, I'm already at 29 items! 
Want to join me it cleaning out the clutter?!?!  
You should! 
Just comment letting me know what you've been cleaning out, or please share tips if you have fail proof ways on keeping out the clutter!!
I would LOVE to know those!!



  1. Nothing feels better then getting rid of a bunch of unwanted items!!! :)

    The Miller's from Prezidential

  2. purging stuff is so satisfying! even to read about someone else doing it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I always get so motivated to get rid of stuff when I read about other people
    doing it! I just need to actually find the time to go through stuff more


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