Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How the UPS Man Ruined My Morning!

This is a sad little tale of how the UPS man ruined my morning....

You see I got up really early this morning with tons of energy and excitement to finally be painting my DIY Sofa Table!  YAY! 
But before I could do that I still need to do some prep work on one of the tables, I need to caulk a few of the seams, sand, and prime the second table.
 I soon realized that the caulking gun was all gunked up!  So what else was I to do but to cut a larger, and then larger hole in the top! I really wanted to get this done and couldn't run out to get some more because my car is in the shop for general maintenance.   I mean what would you do?!  
So the caulking came out way thicker and messier than I wanted, but if I just cleaned up the excess up quickly  I would be ok.  After wiping most off with a gloved finger I got up to get a damp rag to really clean off the excess.   
This is where it all began to fall apart, as I got up to get the damp rag, I heard a knock at the door.
Yup, you guessed it, there stood the UPS man with a package for me from JCrew.  Like I normally do I started into the package very enthusiastically, and started trying on all my lovely new things.  Well twenty or so minutes later I realized that the laundry I had going must be done.  So I gathered more to toss in and started folding everything that I took out.  Are you beginning to realize my problem?  Are you beginning to see how the UPS man ruined my morning?!?  
Well, if he had not knocked at my door at that very moment, if he had just waited ten more minutes before delivering my package, I would not have been sidetracked, and I would have had the time to get that damp rag and clean up the excess caulking!
But he did not! 
He ruined the rest of my morning!
Because as soon as I realized I need to get that off it was too late, it was rubberized to my lovely DIY Sofa Table!
So I spent the morning slaving sway with a sanding block, a razor, a ruler, and yes a butter knife in an attempt to get the excess off!
While most I did eventually get off some just WOULD NOT come off, so I did a little googling and found one little tip, one that I'm really hoping will work.  What I found out was to attempt to do everything I had already done, and if that didn't work then to try to paint or prime the area and then sand again.

Check out all the primed gunkie-ness!
I'm really hoping this little tip works!

This is a definite DIY don't!  Don't answer the door if you are caulking, and need to get the excess off right away!  Or maybe it's a don't if you just get easily sidetracked, like me!
Here's hoping this little mess cleans up nicely! 


  1. I have a husband and a son who both have A.D.D. and I'm sorry to say that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing they do all the time! Hahaha!
    Good luck!

  2. Ahh nothing worse than a DIY gone awry! But at least you have a nice new package of J Crew clothes :)

  3. Sooo glad to hear I'm not the only one that does that! I do this ALL the time. Not to mention- I lose thing in weird places. The remote in a chip bag, hair straightener in the pantry, baby lotion in the freezer...yeah..easily lose focus! haha Great post! Even if it is kind of sad...poor table :( Gd luck!


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