Friday, July 29, 2011


While I was planning on getting a bazillion blogging things done this week.....
sometimes that just isn't the way it goes!
 You see I have not taken a week off from work in nearly five years, and decided that this week was going to be that week!   However,  I decided a little too late for Josh to get off the whole week, so this has been a nice little  Stay-cation. 
 I enthusiastically thought I would tackle and finish a million things on my ever growing projects list, but I guess I just need time to veg or spend time just checked out from it all,  as I haven't gotten too much done!  Ah well!  Sometimes it good to take time for yourself! 

But I thought I would share with you all some great ideas for fun and relaxing stay-cation!

What a fabulous way to make watching a movie more exciting!!
I just LoVe these lanterns as well!

I love the idea of making a grown up version of an old childhood pastime, nothing like building a tent to spend a romantic evening under the stars!

And if it's just too HOT outside, why not build one inside for a nice little picnic!

How about a fabulous picnic on the beach?!?!

Of course a little shopping and splurging on yourself is great too!

There is nothing more relaxing than an afternoon at the beach! 
 Just don't forget a glamorous hat and lots of sunscreen!

After all that, a skinny girl margarita is a perfect way to cool off!



  1. Loving that outdoor movie picture! That would be really fun! :)

  2. Sounds so nice! :) Makes me want to have a staycation with my husband one of these weekends! :)

  3. My husband and I tried to staycation this year and were so bad at it. We ran stupid errands all day everyday. So now, I'm going with him on a work trip for a "real vacation". I hope you enjoyed your time off and did't run too many lame errands :)

  4. That picnic on the beach looks INCREDIBLE and oh so dreamy!

  5. We had a wonderful stay-cation! I documented it on our blog! We wanted to just relax!

  6. I love the stay-cation! I'm also a huge fan of a break-cation. A break after a vacation! We recently went on a action packed vacation with 14 people...I definitely needed a break-cation after that! haha

  7. The table setting at the beach is my all time favorite! I definitely want to try it!


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