Thursday, June 30, 2011

Super Excited!

I was super excited to see some of my projects recently featured on several fabulous blogs this week!
I was so excited I tried three times to write this post last night, and kept losing it as blogger kept crashing!
Ohhh well,  it seems to be working now ( cross my fingers, I haven't tried to post it yet!).
Hope you all are having a wonderful week, I've got a few new DIY post coming up soon, so be on the lookout for some fabulous-ness from this blonde!

My DIY Sofa Table was seen on these FAB blogs this week!
Be sure to go check it out!

Thanks to Stephanie who featured my Bamboo Chairs last week! 

Thanks for the features ladies!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is it Strange That I Really Want This?!

I'm I crazy to really be tempted to get this?!
I mean I LOVE it!
Hmmmm....and it's only $139 on Joss & Main right now!

hmmmm..... decisions, decisions...
What do you think I should do?!?! 
Oh, and how cute  would it be with a straw fedora sitting jauntily on his head!

What's in my handbag!

Want to know what's in my handbag!!!

Then head on over to The Daisy Diaries to find out!
Shelly is doing a super fun series about bloggers and what we carry in our handbags!!
Be sure to keep stopping by her blog to see if you can get a peek of the goodies in your 
favorite blogger's bag!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Here is a little inspiration to start the week off right, and of course it is all from our favorite source for inspiration!

Happy Pinning!!
As always if you would like an invite to Pinterest, just leave a comment!
You must leave your email address in the comment, I can not send an invite without it!


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yes, that's totally a word!  At least it is for a blonde anyway!
Josh and I were wandering in Target the other day, as  we often end up doing when we run in there! 
 Can't really remember what we went in for, but I usually find myself strolling past the home goods sections at some point.
I have found so many home decor goodies in Target!  
Love them!

Anyway this time I found something that I've been looking for, not actively, but still looking and searching the internet to see what I liked out there.
While wandering in Target I came across something that would be perfect with just a little creativity and work!  AND,  in case you were curious this find is what made me build my DIY sofa table way before I was planning to!

Want to know what I found??
I found these , well I can't say gorgeous, cause the color was just all off!  But, they were totally the right price, and an unusual shape, which I liked!

So here's what I found.....

I found two of these lamps AND they were marked down to $7.43!
Totally not my color, but I knew I could fix that!  I snatched them up, and started planning their transformation.......  I just needed to build that DIY Sofa Table so they had a home once I finished with them! 

So the other day, while I was watching my nephews, I got to work.    
I knew I wanted bold lamps on my sofa table, so my usual- paint- it- white wasn't really going to cut it this time.  So I decided to pull out the gold leaf to add a little Glam to the space!
I'm so glad I did, I LOVE them!

One finished one to go!

And now for the grand transformation, I also added a lovely modern drum shade ( I also picked this up on sale at Target for $10! ).  
I was too lazy last night to get another bulb to add to the other lamp so you will just see one!
oh well I'm only human.....
But they are both finished and I think they look fabulous on my new sofa table!

So including a lamp base and a new drum shade, each of these DIY Gold Leaf Lamps cost me a grand total of $17!
Not too shabby for a little glam lamp!
Do you love them as much as I do?!?!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Can you believe it's actually the first official day of summer!
Kenny Chesney's  Summertime song is playing in my head right now!
Hope you all had a wonderful day, I got to spend mine playing with my nephews!

I also worked on a gorgeous DIY transformation I will share with you all tomorrow!


Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Build a Sofa Table!

This is the story of a girl who could not find in stores what her little mind was imaging.  So she came up with a plan, sketched out some ideas, made some measurements, bought some wood, hesitated for the tiniest of moments-unsure of whether she could really accomplish such a feat, got over it,  picked up a drill, crossed her fingers, and got to work!
YAY!  I built some furniture!

Don't you hate it when you can't find what your looking for?!  Well if you have a little knowledge, which I did from learning how to use a lot of power tools in the art studio in college, and if you can sketch out a plan, I truly  think anyone can build some furniture!

Just so you know, I've never built any type of furniture before, so I'm definitely no expert!!
Well, I've kinda built something before, but the only woodworking that was done on it was to screw in turned legs I bought at a hardware store.  The rest was all painting and upholstery!  I'm talking about my DIY Ottoman I donated to a charity auction!

Here's how it all when down!

I bought all my wood from The Home Depot, they cut it for me free of charge!
So no saw needed!

Ok, don't judge me, but I did all the building of this inside, in my living room!
It was a bazzilion degrees outside, and I really wanted to finish them!!
Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Adding some trim to finish it all off!

I love that all the trim pieces fit together so seamlessly!!

I actually built two tables, since I wanted the piece to span nearly eight feet!  I wasn't sure about stability of a piece that long, and also I figured I would be able to reuse them a lot easier somewhere else if I want to change the room!  

I can't decide on colors, so for now I just moved it all behind the sofa!  
I'm looking forward to getting it all painted and styled!

The sofa table also hides a secret.  You see I use to store large painters canvas behind my sofa and sometimes it would peak out!  Well not anymore!  All my canvases fits snugly under my new
DIY'd sofa table!
Yay! For hidden storage! 

I can't believe I built something! I'm so excited to paint this baby and try my hand at something else!
Like the accent table I blogged about here!


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