Thursday, March 31, 2011

La Galerie d' Ashley

Yup the Gallery of Ashley is up!  In fact it has been up for about a week, and I am so happy with how everything turned out!
This is the first time I've actually had a grouping of my work up on the wall!  I know crazy right! If you've read my blog for a little while than you know that I was an art major in college, and that I took all sorts of different classes!   In case you missed my last post about my photo wall I mentioned mixing in some photos I took and developed old school, in a darkroom.  These photos are so special to me!

OK, so now on to how I got everything up!
Usually I take the inserts out of the photos frames  and use them to figure out the placement and spacing on the wall.....
.......................... I made a mistake and threw out the rest of the inserts, so I just tape the larger one on the wall,  and used that to get the large frame placed, then added the rest of the smaller frames around it.  

It did take a little bit of trial and error, but I think everything turned out great!

I put everything up right above my new sofa, Karl, which has been my favorite addition to my living room!
There is also plenty of room for me to add more images and frames later as I find unique pieces to add.  I definitely wanted to keep everything organic  and flow-y when figuring out a lay out, so that nothing would seem out of place or unbalanced if I added another image!  I think I came up with the perfect layout for that!  

One of my favorite black and white photos I took in Hawaii, and developed in a darkroom!
I have wanted to display this for years, and this is the first time I framed it and put it up!

Here's one of my Kate Spade inspired  pieces!    Also, the black and white photo was developed by using a unique process in the darkroom, I actually had a version of this one published while I was in college! 

Do you recognize these ones? 

I'm loving how everything turned out!


  1. Love the came out great.

  2. Always Always good stuff!

    Rashon aka Mr. GW

  3. I love it. And the pictures you made are stunning!!!

  4. Love the ampersand! You're watercolors are beautiful.. talented girl!

  5. It looks fabulous Ashley!! I love it! All of your works are awesome! Great job and thanks for linking up!

  6. you are so talented, the art work is gorgeous. the way you arrange them is beautiful too. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  7. I love that you used all these pieces that you created yourself in one area. I'm sure your new arrangement will be a conversation starter every time someone comes to your home for the first time.

  8. Looks great, lady! I love your pieces and the arrangement is fantastic.

  9. Looks amazing! Full of life and color! :)

  10. Its great to see your art in frames. The colour amongst the black and white is a great look. Nice job :)

  11. Great wall art! Colourful idea!


  12. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such a great blog that is overflowing with fab inspiration!! I love it.

  13. I love the mix of color prints and blavk and whites....looks great


  14. This is one of the best art walls I've seen. Gorgeous combination of bright, bold colour mixed with the black and whites...gorgeous!

  15. looks great! i love the prints you chose.

    Literally Inspired

  16. Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

  17. that is so beautiful! i've always wanted to make a picture collage like that and am hoping i can sometime in the future. thanks for the lovely inspiration and the fantastic pictures of everything.

    your blog is beautiful. i'm a new follower around here and really enjoy reading your blog. feel free to stop by and say hello and follow if you'd like. we'd really love to have your gorgeous face around. we really would :)

    <3, kandice

  18. so glad you shared this at my party,you are so talented!

  19. It looks great! I love gallery walls & am trying to get ready to do one myself.

    Visiting from Tea Rose Home!

  20. hiya , what a great collection of pictures i love the bathing one its cool, i am visiting form amaze me monday and am your new follower x hope you pop by mine and follow too please ,

  21. So glad you get to enjoy your Hawaii original and other art pieces. I love the look of your art gallery. Thanks so much for linking up to Terrific Under Ten!

  22. Such a beautiful collection! Love that there are some photographs and some paintings. I think you placed them all well also... Makes a nice focal point over Karl. :)

  23. It is so great to see all your artwork togather. Wasn't the ampersand the first one? Have been reading your blog for a long time now and love all the beautiful room makeovers!


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