Monday, October 18, 2010

DIY Bedroom Pendant Lamp!

My most recent bedroom lighting project was soooo easy and so very inexpensive! I am in LOVE with it! When I was searching for new lighting for the bedroom I had my heart set on making a drum shade pendant light  wanting to add some drama to the room.  I searched everywhere and couldn't find a shade big enough for the room, I've seen a few now that I'm not looking!  Isn't that the way it always is!  Well that all changed when I found these lamps at Tjmaxx.  Since they were such a great deal I couldn't pass these babies up!  But with the drum shades on these lamps, it would have been to much to add another large one to the room.  I was stumped till I saw this idea on kara paslay designs, she has so many amazing ideas on her blog!
She is so talented!
Anyway I don't have any pictures of the process ( they got deleted somehow ) but the whole thing was super easy to make.

Can you guess how I made it?

 No?  ................

Coffee filters and and one of those Japanese paper lanterns!   It really is gorgeous when its on, it gives off such a nice soft glow.  Sorry didn't take any pictures with it on, I was trying to show off the details.

Check out the fabric I just bought to make drapes for my bedrooms.....

Keep checking back to see  it all finished!


  1. I am loving the light and the fabric for your curtains! This is just what I need to brighten up our room after a looong winter! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Please come and visit me anytime at


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