Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Redo.... on a Redo?!?!

Just thought I'd share a project that I'm working on this week,  I've actually already refinished it once but the color was never what I really wanted.  The paint color came out way too bright!  So heres to round two!

This bench was a thrift store find that was only $9.99!  Sorry but I never got any BEFORE, before pictures.  This piece looked like it had been in some ones garage for quite a while so before it came inside it got a thorough scrubbing and sanding!   It was completely covered in spider webs, and for those of you who don't know me, I have a VERY VERY strong  aversion to all things BUGS!  Hmmm.....I may be underestimating my dislike of them.......

Well I'm off topic again...... So this bench, which was actually not a bench originally, but a coffee table.  It had squares of inlaid wood in the center that I took out and refitted with batting and black and white fabric. Whew and let me tell you that was a chore!  Like most older pieces of furniture this baby was made to LAST and not come apart easily, but I had a vision. And I could would not let the piece get the best of me!  The pictures below show the rest of the Redo!


Just checking out the recovered pieces for fit, I almost didn't paint the rest of it. I kinda liked the rustic feel of the wood here. 

This piece definitely took a lot of sanding.  It was completely covered in a dark brown varnish.

Notice the wine bottle in the lower corner of the picture, that is a must have for most DIY projects!  .....I think I read that wine was a key ingredient for any DIY project.....yup I definitely read that somewhere.....and I always follow directions......


Well that was redo number one! 
 I will be painting this baby this week and right now I'm still waiting for my fabric to come in.  Hopefully it will be here soon! 
Stay tuned for an update and the finished product!
Has anyone else changed their mind about paint choices only months after refinishing something?


  1. What did you use to sand with?

    I love your blog! Do you do online consultations like the bedroom you did?

  2. Morgan, I typically use a 3M sanding block with a pretty rough grit, 80 and 120 are usually what I use, especially if like this bench there is a ton of old varnish to take off! You can also use a hand sander. I used both on this project.

    Also, if you or anyone else you know is interested in an online mood board and room consultation, you can email me at ashley.hitchens.04@gmail.com and we can work something out!

  3. My goodness girl, you are talented!! So, so cute! :)


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