Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY Sunburst Mirror!

Today has been a SUPER busy day.....I'm working on a few projects, but I did manage to finish a DIY sunburst mirror!  So I thought I would share my process with you!
Lately it seems sunburst mirrors are everywhere, but many of them can be so expensive!
 When working on Tanya's Modern Bedroom Mood Board, one of the things she really wanted in the room was a Sunburst Mirror.  But if you remember we were trying to keep the room budget friendly,  and most of the mirrors I found ranged from a hundred to several hundred dollars!  Way to much for something that trendy and you may be tired of after a while!  So I came up with a DIY Sunburst Mirror for her, that was only about $20!

Here's the pictures of the process....

A few of the supplies, I got everything at Michael's, the mirror was $4.99, the wood for the back was $4.99, and the wooden dowels were $2.99 for a pack.  I ended up buying two packs, but had to go back to Michael's  this afternoon to get another pack of them, cause I needed two more rods!!  But 
I may end up adding a few more just to fill it out and because I have more too use!

I used my handy carpentry app on my Iphone!

I spray painted the finished Mirror with  Rust-leum's universal advanced formula, in a satin nickel finish.  Like I said above  I may end up adding a few more rods to the piece or maybe a bunch of small scattered on the currents rods!  We'll see, but for now I'm liking it as is and I think Tanya will too!

What do you all think?  Do you like the clean look of this sunburst mirror, prefer one with a little something more, or are they just not really your thing? 


  1. Hey! I love anything geometrical-ish, so this mirror is right up my alley!! I have seen them that have little circle mirrors randomly placed on the rods. I think that would look great on this one! Who knows, one day, when I have a house, I may even try to make one!! Good job and thanks for sharing!

  2. hey thanks so much for following my blog....your blog is FAB!!!! your ideas are so cool i especially love this mirror project, thanks for also pointing me in the direction of kara paslay designs, careen x

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I have been wanting a sun burst mirror since the first time I saw it in a UK magazine which my sister had given me two years ago. I saw a similar mirror in an upmarket home decor store here in South Africa and I just couldnt afford it on my tight budget. I am definately going to try this one out. Thank you so much! Its amazing how much a bit of creativity can move mountains!


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