Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black & White

Recently I was asked to donate an item for a local auction that supported a great children's cause. Of course I said yes! Even though at that point I has no idea what I was going to donate, I had no paintings or anything started that didn't already have a home!
Maybe some of you know who Mackenzie Childs is, but she is huge in this part of the country where I live.  While I like some of her things she is not my personal style, but I knew if i used her as my inspiration anything I did for the auction would be a BIG hit!

She really has home items for every part of the house including; decor, furniture, kitchen and bath items.  I love these knobs she has on her website right now!
You can find them here on her website.  

I also really love several of the Holiday Items she has out right now

I am in LOVE with these Stockings!

And I really want this black and white Ornament for my tree this year!

But I'm really getting off topic with all the Holiday stuff.....Christmas is MY time of the year!  If you know me at all you know I go crazy with all the holiday decor!  Talking about the Holidays its just about time to start listening to Christmas Music.....actually I'm kinda surprised I haven't started that already.
 Ok so back to my auction like I said Mackenzie Childs was my inspiration for building this ottoman.  I really wish I had taken more photos of the whole building process, but I totally forgot!  I built this completely from scratch.....  were talking power tools, screws and bare wood  from scratch!    I did buy table legs from Lowes and most of my fabric was bought locally, I think I went to every fabric store in the area several times before I was happy with what I finally ended up with.  

I built, sewed and painted together this Black & White ottoman and had so much fun doing it, I really had never done anything like this before.  I'm so glad this is what I decided to do as it was the second highest bid on item at the auction!



  1. I love,love,love this ottoman! You did a great job, I am so impressed you built this from scratch. You go girl!

  2. That's really wild, I love the black & white fabric & the fact that you painted the legs to match!


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