Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Chic Cheap Finds!

Just looking through West Elm recently and they have some super chic cheap finds!

I love a good crisp white bedding!  It  always goes with every room, looks fantastic with every change of the season, and if you have decorating ADD { Like ME! } and are constantly changing out your decor as you fall in love with another look, it always looks CHIC!

This Queen sized Duvet is only $49!

This fun sparkly stocking is only $9.99....
I may be changing out our stockings again this year.....

 Mercury Glass votives!
Wouldn't they be fabulous lining a mantel, or ever better sprinkled throughout your holiday table!
At only $5 a pop you can get a whole bunch for a glamours, dramatic look!

 This framed art just makes me smile,
 and at $19 its a super chic cheap piece of art!

Wouldn't you love cooking with these little salt and pepper shakers?  
I would!  They would make a FABULOUS hostess gift at only $8!
Or a super cute stocking stuffer....wink, wink ......Josh.....

 I really love this GLAM wreath and while is a good price at $34,  I want it much bigger than its 10 inches!
I feel a DIY coming on!  
Keep checking back to see my DIY wreath!


  1. The bird print is sooo adorable. I love birds! The mirrored wreath is awesome, too! Cute blog (:

  2. I just discovered your blog, and I love it!!! I'm at work and so bummed I can't spend the next 2 hours looking at all your great ideas :)


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