Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Wanderings.

This past weekend was the sixth annual Art Festival in Port Warwick.  If you live anywhere in Virginia, its definitely something you should look into going to next year!  They have tons of vendors from all over the US.  Josh and I wandered around for a bit taking it all in....

I loved these makeup brushes!  

These kids were amazing, they were creating blown glass art!  We stood there forever watching them.  I think there dad was the artist, but they obviously knew what they were doing!

We went on the last day, and he really didn't have anything left!

He had the most gorgeous  Christmas ornaments!  I bought a huge pale pink one for my tree!

I told you we watched them forever!  They truly were amazing, and they looked so young!

This artist painted the most beautiful images, its kinda hard to explain, but they were so breathe and airy.  Just gorgeous!

We finished the afternoon with a trip to the wine tasting tent, and left a very happy couple....

FIY -  I made a trip to Michael's today, stay tuned for a DIY art project!

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