Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chic Hotel Haunting.

Today has been one filled with fabric and sewing!  
Haha just not sewing one of my many projects!
Instead I am finishing up Josh's Halloween costume.  Sigh....I will get to my things soon!  
I did buy a few things, paint and such for my projects.  I will share that with you all later on.

With all the getting ready for Halloween that is going on around here, I thought I would share a
 Gorgeously Chic .....Haunted.......Hotel.

Marilyn Monroe lived here for a while and SHE is said to HAUNTE 
the place!!  So Spoooookkkyyyy!   ......insert  scary voice here........  There is a certain mirror on the lower floor of the hotel that guests say the shadowy image of Marilyn appears to the unsuspecting.

Though I'm not sure how spooky this Hollywood Icon would ever seem.

If you ever want to visit the hotel you can stay in the wonderfully chic Marilyn Monroe suite!

Just Gorgeous!
Has anyone out there ever seen a Ghost, or stayed at a wonderfully chic hotel hoping to see one?

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