Thursday, August 25, 2011


Do you ever have those days or even those weeks where something feels off, like a strangeness in the air?
Well this is one of those for me,  and honestly between the huge wildfire burning in the area ( which is causing  me to have to take huge doses of allergy medicine, which could account for some of the strangeness feeling ), the earthquake yesterday and the massive hurricane expected to hit us this weekend......the feeling in the air is just strange!  DO you know what I mean?   Well maybe you don't and it's just me, but things around here just seem plain off to me.  
Well I had plans this evening to work on the little DIY I teased you all with here.  However, I had a few errands to run first, one being a quick trip to Target to pick up some cleaning supplies....well while I was there I figured I would pick up a few hurricane essentials too,  thinking that I would be way ahead of the crowd seeing as we are not suppose to get anything until late Saturday. seems I am not the only one who thought this was a good idea....

Shelves were empty of basic items......the water you see on the top was all flavored, sparkling varieties.....not even any gallons of water were left!!

All out at Costco too!  As for the tiny words on the right side,  it says they don't know when they'll be getting any more!  
We ended up going to several store before we found one lonely little 24pk of water,  yup only one little, lonely pack!  
So after all that searching, I'm glad I found something, I just hope if the storm is really that bad we don't loose power too long! 
With Hurricane Isabel in 2003,  most places were without power for two weeks, my mom's place didn't get power back for three and a half!  I've heard some speculation this one could be as bad or worse, lets just hope Irene decides to veer off towards the ocean a bit!
Well anywhoooo that was my interesting night......I promise to have more fun DIY's on here again sometimes soon!  If things just could get back to normal!



  1. With such a lot of drama in the air, it's no wonder you're feeling 'off'! Hope you're all safe!

  2. Was wondering where you are located. We are expecting the storm Saturday afternoon and everything is gone here as well. I am in NC, really central, but only 200 miles from the OBX. Stay safe. Go away Irene!!!


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