Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lilly Love!

As I'm sure you've heard, we had a bit of excitement here in Virginia today; a 5.9 magnitude earthquake!  Quite an experience here on the East Coast!  There I was, sitting in the salon....getting my hair done, and all of a sudden things start to shake!  I mean I wasn't even really sure what was going on, ( we don't have earthquakes here!) until some ladies in the front came back saying we just had an earthquake!  Friends up and down the East Coast said they felt it too!  Whew weird day!  However, my hair came out great and nobody was hurt in the Quake, so it all ended up ok!

Now on to the lovely topic of Lilly.  If you live in the south like me,  I am sure you have heard of Lilly Pulitzer.  You probably either love the look or can not stand it!  It's bight, bold and colorful!  All of which I tend to love!  If you haven't heard,  Lilly Pulitzer came out with some pretty amazing fabrics this summer, they are unfortunately only available to the trade so you will have to find a friend, whom you can bribe,  or hire a decorator who can order some for you.   They are absolutely gorgeous!   Maybe someday they will eventually be available to us lowly do it your-selfers......a girl can dream! .... can't she?!?

Check out these gorgeous patterns!!

 I could use about ten of these fabric choices just in my living room alone!  Sigh....

Lilly has also come out with a line of furniture to go alone with this yummy fabric!

Umm....hellooo gorgeous!!  That sofa is not for everyone, but I'm in LOVE!

Isn't that furniture absolutely to DIE for!!  It is available at  Neiman Marcus and Horchow if you just have to go take a look at all the pretty things for yourself!  

I always use to think of  the clothing line as super preppy;  you know all polos with matching madras skirts, short, or dresses, but if you haven't checked out the line in a while you might be pleasantly surprised! 
In fact, we had a rep come into the store last fall, she said Lilly was trying to broaden the look past much of that preppy only feel!   I love the direction they are going, it wonderfully gorgeous!
So I was super excited last night to get a Facebook update announcing the start of their
You may want to check it out,  but I warn you there is not much left!  I hopped on first thing this morning and was pleasantly surprised at the quantity and selection of items in the sale.  However they went FAST!!!
Here are a few of the goodies I snagged for myself!

I can't wait to wear this top with skinny jeans and tall brown boots!!

This one too!

I love the pattern on this cute workout top!  Somehow I always want to work out more when I have cute clothes on!!

This gorgeous dress was the real icing on the cake....the super sweetest deal of the century!  I have been eyeballing this dress since last spring, but at $328 with no reason or place to wear it; it was just not going to happen!!  But today I paid only $39!!  yup!! I seriously couldn't believe it when I saw it!  The real conundrum came when I had to decide on a color, four options were available and ALL were in my size!  I finally decided on black, one because I DON'T tend to get black and two I thought that would be the most versatile option for year round wear!
Have any of you bought any of the gorgeous furniture or fabrics Lilly Pulitzer is now offering?
Is it your thing, or do you pass on all the colorful brights in favor of a more subtle color palate?   Both of which are fabulous choices!
Are you a Lilly clothing lover?!  Did you manage to snag anything at the End of the Season Sale today??


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  1. I often just 'skim' photos in blogs, but these ones I actually stopped and stared at for minutes at a time! Oh the beauty! The colour! The pattern!


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