Friday, August 5, 2011

Apartment Hunting...

I never really did catch you all up on what exactly I did on last weeks stay-cation, well it wasn't a whole week, I had to go into work on Monday......

But as for the rest of the week, I was hoping to finish a bazzillion things on my to do list.....
instead, I slept in, watched movies, went shopping, out to eat, shopping,  napped, shopping, and only got to ONE little thing on my to do list!  Which I shared with you all here!  
Opps!  I guess I needed the break!  Oh well!  
Well I did get started on another thing, but it wasn't something I was planning on, it just kinda happened one night when Josh and I were talking....we started apartment hunting.
Just a little research online to see whats out there now, but now I have my heart set on moving come November when our lease is up!  
That few hundred extra square feet is calling to me, yes calling!!  Josh also drives over an hour to work each day so something in between both our jobs would be great!
But what I'm really looking for in an apartment is some more storage area!! Our current apartment is less than 600 square feet, and has NO storage!! So we'll see, it's now on the list of things to do!
But check out these gorgeous apartment that are absolutely drool worthy!!

Happy Weekend!!



  1. I LOVE that 1st one! The 1st thing that popped into my mind is the movie 'Beauty & the Beast' with those great bookshelves. All of those look great! Not to mention WAY out of my budget- LOL My husband also works an hour out of town but we live in the largest city in the area...I am NOT moving to any hill billy towns- even if they are closer- LOL

  2. I like the 3rd one!! That shag rug is fantastic!!!

  3. These apts are better than my house! Happy hunting!!!!


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