Friday, August 19, 2011

Gorgeous "Christmas" Finds for Everyday

I had to run by Micheal's Craft Store the other day to pick up a few drawing supplies,  of course I had to wander around to see what was new!  To my pleasant surprise they had quite a bit of Christmas stuff out already!   Check out these gorgeous items that I found in the Christmas section, that are really perfect for everyday!!

Hello gorgeous!!  
This mirror was stunning and I think it was only $89!  Just bring a 50% off coupon with you to get it for a steal!  If you have an Iphone, Michael's has an app, you never have to worry about carrying a coupon with you again!  It's on your phone!

I also loved this!

This sunburst mirror is really hard to see the details,  they were so many piled up here!

You should stop by Micheal's soon!  They Sunburst mirrors they had last Christmas did not last long!
At least not at my Micheal's!!


  1. O my Goodness those are incredible! I don't remember seeing these pretties last week...Im going to go again this weekend to make sure I didn't overlook anything. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  2. I love those mirrors!!! And the white reindeer. I just feel so weird buying Christmas items in August :)

  3. I've bought a couple mirrors from Michael's Christmas section in year's past. I'll have to check them out, I'd love to add 3 identical mirrors to my dining room and with 40% off coupons that would be a real bargain.

  4. I saw the "gorgeous" mirror- it is gorgeous- I might HAVE to buy it. Reminds me of the mirror in "Rambling Renovators living room".


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