Monday, August 1, 2011

Be True to Who You Are!

While personal style evolves and changes over time, it is always important to keep in mind one little thing..........

Be True to Who You Are!!

For me....
deep saturated colors will always have a place in my heart, something about the drama, the depth, the mood....will always have me at hello!



  1. Love this... I'm a color fan too!

  2. Same for me - I love all the brights - these pics are fab!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Thank you for you lovely comment re: the study xx

  3. I love that a pop of color can change the whole room. I like that in some of the pics- the walls stay white but the room is FILLED with color. It makes it easy to change it up later. Because as people- we're always changing :)

  4. I love colour too, and think that colour does not have to mean garish, but can be gentle and elegant too as the rooms you have picked demonstrate. Lovely pics and a lovely blog xxx

  5. I love the walk-in closet! The rooms are just gorgeous!

  6. This is great advice!!! In all things!

    I am afraid of colour in the house (and in my closet)...but I LOVE all the rooms you've pulled!


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