Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene, are a biaatcchh!

Hey all!  I apologize for my lack of post this week, but it has been somewhat crazy! 
Irene has been creating a bit of drama around here.....she is being a biiaatchh!  

We are pretty close to Norfolk, Virginia.....which is in the EXTREME threat level of this hurricane!
I'm expecting to be without power for a while, so I hope you all will cut me a little slack for not posting if that's the case!  We are loaded up with water and food ( wine, Oreos and canned Starbucks Lattes! ), so I'm sure we are going to be fine,  just not sure how long the power might be out!  Past Hurricanes to our area have left most of us without power for two to four weeks!
I hope everyone else out there will be safe and smart if you also may be effected by this little inconvenience! 
See you all soon!!!



  1. Well, I'm glad to know you are stocked up on starbucks and oreos, cuz Lord knows that would be same for me hehehe....Stay safe! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  2. Be safe! I hope it doesn't get bad. How scary!

  3. Sounds like you have all the supplies you! Be safe!!

  4. Thanks guys!! I'm sure we will be fine....I just hope the wine and Oreos make it all the way threw!

  5. Wine and Oreos, you're prepared girl! Seriously though, hope that the storm doesn't cause too much of a disruption in your life.


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