Saturday, December 17, 2011

This got me popping!

I have a dirty little secret, yes it's time for this blonde to make a confession.....I'm a popcorn whore.  Yup I said it!  I eat popcorn ALL THE TIME!  I mean it's sooooo yummy!!  AND can be low calorie when done right!  I usually get the 97 % fat free bags from any number of stores, and I'm not too particular about the brand either.  However,  for some reason I can never get them to pop right!  They either burn or don't completely pop!  This is very frustrating to this blonde popcorn lover! 
 So I was browsing on amazon the other day and found this.....

I've now used this AIR POPPER almost everyday for two weeks, and I WON'T go back to bags!!
This thing is amazing!!  So I suggest that if you need a last minute gift for someone in your life, who is also a popcorn lover, get them this!!!!

I can't wait to try these yummy looking popcorn recipes!!

I think I'm just may have to try the peppermint popcorn recipe this week!  It is after all t minus eight days and counting till Christmas!  



  1. I love popcorn, too. It's my favorite snack. I have had a hard time getting it to pop correctly. I need to check out this air popper. For now, I've been popping it in a brown paper bag and it seems to work. I saw it on Pinterest.
    Love your blog, btw!!

  2. That peppermint popcorn sounds so YUMMY! Well, they all do, but you know it is the season... ;)

  3. Thanks for the sharing about the air popper. I too love popcorn, I eat it almost daily. There is another blogger and her blog name is Popcorn Served Daily. Check her out.


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