Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Digging some deer head wall decor!

This past weekend I shared with you some photos of a fabulous pink and turquoise Christmastime photo shoot, which you can read all about that here!   Anyway, one of my favorite things about that shoot were the two white deer head wall pieces.  

 I have been OBSESSING over them ever since I first laid eyes on them!
I especially LOVE the ornaments hanging from them for the Holidays!!  I soooo want to find some deer heads so I can decorate them with fabulous ornaments next year!  
So I've been searching around and have found a few options from ZGallerie that just may work!

This one is a little smaller than I had wanted, but at only $49 the price is very nice!

However, this one is much larger, but it comes with a MUCH larger price tag of $199!  AND that is on sale!

I also prefer the look of the smaller one, there is just something about the shape of it that I like!
While I like both of these I'm not completely sold on either one; one because of the size, the other because of the price. 
So I thought I would ask you all  if you've seen another place to possibly buy one,  I would love to know!
This blonde would be forever great full if you'd share your super secret place  to buy white wall mounted deer decor!!



  1. I love these!! The ornaments hanging are fabulous!

  2. I love these, although I don't know if they could ever hang in my house. I guess years of visiting my aunt's ranch and seeing the REAL thing hanging on her wall, has wrecked me forever. :)

  3. a few weeks back i ordered the $49 one! still waiting "patiently" for it to arrive, im so excited!

  4. aww i want a deer head too, thanks for sharing xx

  5. I ordered the large one earlier this year. The quality was so poor I had to return it! :( I really did love though!


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