Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So I did a little shopping.....

So this weekend, I did a little shopping....did you?!?!
Like I mentioned in a previous post....I DON'T do Black Friday shopping, however I did manage to snag a few good deals on Sunday and then again on cyber Monday!  Whoo go me!  I think I'm now done all my BIG gift items......only I can't tell you what I got or how much I saved.....just because some people reading this.....would find out what they were getting for Christmas!
So.... suffice it to say.....I did get a few goodies on sale!

One of my absolute favorite items I got this weekend, was a little white table top Christmas tree!!
I love it!!

I'll give you a little sneak peak of how it looks, only this is not really how it looks now.  I was testing a few different things, you know to check out how I liked the color of ornaments and such against the white.
So this is kinda how it looks and kinda not!  
I would show you it how it is now, except my lighting in here is not good!  I've been taking all my photos on my iphone.......hopefully Santa will bring me that Cannon Rebel T2i! 

Anywhooo....here's a little sneak peak on of my lovely new tree!

How did you all do this weekend?  Get any good deals?!?!
I've been working on a few non-Christmas related things....so stay tuned for some updates on those!

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  1. I love the little tree...its so cute:) I have a smaller tree in my kitchen for my daughter. Love to bring in a little cheer to every room. I did okay with shopping although I must admit I spent $80 on decor that I had no plans of spending (mother...she tempted me). Next year on black friday I will stay clear of her so I can keep my money in the purse:)


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