Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful, fun and relaxing Thanksgiving Day!
Mine will be nice and relaxing....I don't do the cooking!   I do look forward to hosting the BIG Holiday meals, but I don't know how you all handle the timing of all the cooking!!
That just makes me nervous!
Guess I'll find out some day.   But for now Josh and I will be heading over to my sisters to play with the nephews for a bit, then off to his families house for the main meal!
I did manage to cook one delicious dessert to bring with us today,  guess where I found the recipe! 
Let me just tell you it's delicious too!
I made this Chocolate Bread with Peanut Butter Spread!
So yummy!!

Not super Thanksgiving-y but sometimes it's nice to have something unexpected on the Holidays!  Besides I make pumpkin stuff year round! 

Have you all found any fabulous recipes on Pinterest!  Do share!!
I hope all of you have a fabulous day today!!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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