Saturday, May 28, 2011

not everything turns out the way I want it to....

Lately I have been on a not so lucky streak, how so you ask?
Well the last few projects I've attempted have turned out to be a bust!  Here is one I did this week, and I not even really sure what went wrong!
Do you remember these little birds that were on my coffee table?
You can see a few more pictures of them here.

 Since I am trying to get rid of all the green from my living room AND do it on a budget, I decided to give these little birds a little makeover!

Well......the first time attempted this little redo I used some spray paint I had on  hand.....
Here's how it all went down. not the color I was going for, but I had to give what I had on hand a try!

About a week went by, and I finally made it to Home Depot to pick up some glossy white spray paint! 
Now I could Jonathan Adler-ize them!

It was looking sooooo good after the first coat!  

So very Happy- Chic white!
Just gotta wait 30 or some minutes for this one to dry before I give it another!


Yup!  I'm not sure what happened, but another coat produced this bubbling affect!  I've never had something like this happen before!  Trust me, I've spray painted A LOT!!  So I'm completely baffled!  
If you all have any suggestions as to what may have happened, please share your spray painting knowledge with me!


  1. maybe the weather was it to hot? did you clean them off really good?

  2. This has happened to me too. Either the surface wasn't clean, or too much paint at one time. Were you able to sand off the bubbly part and spray again? They are so cute. Hope it turns out ok.

  3. this happened to me recently too, as soon as I tried to do a second coat a couple days later (when typically I try and get it all done in one sitting). I've read its from being too close or spraying too much (not doing it in thin layers). It's so depressing and I've been scared to paint again ever since!!

  4. I had the SAME problem when I used the rustoleum lacquer spray paint. I stripped it off and tried again with Valspar interior/exterior Gloss spray paint and didn't have that problem at all..
    Good luck

  5. I was told was that if you aren't able to put on a second coat within an hour, wait 24 hours. Not sure why.
    When this happened to me I was able to sand it off and start over.

  6. Thanks for all this tips! This one may just have to be a mystery. I'm not sure any of the reason you all have been so kind to suggest could have been it! I painted on a clean dry surface, used light coats, and painted the second coat with in an hour of the first! Oh well, guess it will just be one of those projects! Thanks so much for all your help!!

  7. too many mixing chemicals not being able to be released! ( I'm an auto body painter)
    Just make sure to use the same brand of paint, same kind etc.
    clean your surface with rubbing alcohol before you begin, there could be chemicals in the actual birds!


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