Monday, May 30, 2011

My Exciting Weekend!

I'm not really sure what I was thinking the other night when I hopped onto Craigslist just to see if any goodies were being offered in my area.  I really wasn't expecting to find anything, I've never bought or sold anything from the site, I've really never found anything in my area to get excited about.  So I nearly fell to the floor when I saw a set of four faux bamboo chairs and table for sale for $50!  This seriously could not be legit, or someone else must have snatched it up already!  She had only posted them less than an hour before!  Maybe just maybe, if I was really lucky  no one else would have seen them yet.....  I emailed the seller right away to see if they were still for available and could not believe it when I got the response, " yes, they are."!!!  Knowing I would not be able pick them up until Sunday morning ( it was Friday night and I had to work all day Saturday) made me a little nervous, in case someone else decided they wanted them, but I there was nothing I could do. 

I was nearly giddy all day Saturday just thinking about  my soon-to-be faux bamboo chairs.  I really just wanted two of the chairs for accent pieces for the living room, but would totally take a set of four AND a table for $50! 
I could always refinish the other two and the table and resell the for a nice little profit.  The seller was very up front about some scratches on the finish, but I knew it was nothing a little glossy white paint wouldn't fix!

So my Saturday was spent dreaming about fabrics (for seat cushions) and techniques for achieving the glossy white Jonathan Adler-like finish I was dying to create!
That is, until I received an email from the seller that she had a few people coming on Saturday to look at MY faux bamboo table and chairs!!!  I could feel my dreams of my perfect Hollywood Regency chairs starting to slip away!

However, a few hours later I received yet another email from the seller, letting me know that while pulling the table out of storage to show another buyer she broke the glass for the top of the table, and also realized that there were only 3 chairs not four ( she was selling the items for her daughter, who lived in Florida, and she forgot that something happened to the other chair while moving).  She told me,  the man who came to look at it, needed to go home and talk to his wife, did I still want to come on Sunday and look at it?  
I only really wanted two of the chairs so of course I still wanted it!  
Well apparently the man called back right after that wanting to pick it up later on Sunday!  
I know this is a super long story, but it was all this back and forth, and she would have sold it on Saturday had she not broken the glass top and had the man not needed to check with his wife! 
Sometime that day, she also received several other calls asking about the chairs, everyone wanted to come get them on Sunday, but I was coming the earliest, so they were mine if I wanted them!
 It was a bit of an adventure on Sunday driving to who knows were to pick up my lovely bamboo pieces! 
The finish on each piece was not as scratched as she was making it seem, but one of the chairs needs some repairing with the caning on the seat.  
I happily packed them into the back of Josh's Jimmy, well it was a bit of a challenge fitting them all into the back, but I was determined, they were all coming home with me!
 I can't believe I found some faux bamboo chairs!!! I'm absolutely giddy about it!!! 
I have no pictures for you yet, they are still in the back of Josh's truck!  
The rest of the day was one of those summer days with family and friends, that ended with an impromptu game of whiffle ball with a friend and his young son.  We couldn't have been more exhausted, hot, and sweaty when we got home late last night.  
It was one of those perfect start-to-the-summer days that ends with us collapsing on the couch from shear exhaustion!   
So I'm off this morning to unload my lovely finds and get to work on their makeover!  
But I'll leave you with some inspiration images for their new look!

Well I'm off to start my makeover process!

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  1. can you tell me what fabric that is on the drapery? I LOVe it... Joel Dewberry has a quilting weight called damask saffron.. but it's too lightweight, and waverly has a sun 'n' shade fabric that's orange damask--- but yours is so lovely-- and I can't figure out what it is. Your chair project is so wonderful too...Thanks! toushay73atgmaildotcom


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