Thursday, May 19, 2011

Side Table Dilemma

I mentioned in an earlier post that I  have been looking for a new side table for the living room.  Not even sure exactly what I want, I'm open to just about any shape and am pretty flexible about the color as well!  I've just been looking for something that speaks to me!
  I've seen several that I've liked enough to bring them home and try out,  but I seem to be running into the same problem with all of them!  " What's the problem?" you ask!   Have you noticed that most of the side tables out there seem to be uber short!  I mean, many of them have felt like Elf furniture ( you know that scene from Elf where Will Ferrel is too big for the little elf beds and chairs, well that keeps popping in my head every time I bring a table home to try it out! ) maybe it's just me!  And it's not like Karl, my sofa is tall or anything;  in fact it's actually on the lower, more modern side of things!  
I thought I found the perfect table when I ran into Target this past week!  I love this little table, and it is such a great price on sale for $69!
I mean you can even open the side panel and put something inside!  And check out that West Elm looking pattern on the sides!  LOVE!
Then I hear a voice say "isn't that one shorter than the last one?!"  ugh, why did  Josh have to go and burst my bubble!  But he was right, it barely made it up to my knees....well maybe right over my knees but still!  I like to wear heals a lot of the time, and really don't want to feel like a giant next to my furniture!  Maybe if I'm decorating a kiddie room this would be a perfect fit, but it does not fit the size I'm looking for!

So my weekend project is going to be undertaking the design and building of the perfect side table for my living room!  
First, I checked out Ane White's website to see if I could find anything with the feel of what I was looking for. While I LOVE her site, I just didn't see what I wanted!  But she has so many building tips, that I'm sure to keep her site handy this weekend!   
 So I'm designing something myself!
Totally not even going to use a pattern or anything.....haha I guess you don't use a pattern for wood working, but you get the idea.  I'm relatively certain I can complete this.....if it doesn't work out I guess I'll be back to the never ending search for the perfect side table....or at least one tall enough!

Here's is a little inspiration for what I am going to attempt to build this weekend!  Don't you love the nail head trim!  The color and trim are right in this photo, but I'm working on a different shape!
So stay tunned for a side table update this weekend!

Is it just me, or have you all notice the super tinie tiny side tables that have been floating around?!


  1. I love your idea to create your own so it's perfect for your space. I was just looking through an old issue of MSL and saw a leather topped table with nailhead trim that they showed how to make. (From an existing table.) Will you be painting yours or covering it?

  2. Tiny tables does appear to be a trend. Look forward to seeing what you come up with! Thanks for following! Your latest follower :)


  3. I've been looking for some side tables and noticed they were soooo short too, I thought I was the only one that thought that! I'm excited to see how your project turns out, good luck! : )


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