Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding Inspiration!

Whew!  What an interesting weekend!  
As you all know, I was planning on building my living room side table this weekend, the one I designed myself because I couldn't find the perfect one.   But, with the end of the world coming I just didn't think it was smart to spend the time and money on building my new living room piece.......hehehe....just kidding!  On a side note, I have seen some pretty cute DIY'ed  onesies floating around blog land that said " I survived the end of the world, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" !  Maybe I should make one for my nephew...

Anyway I digress,  so my weekend was unfortunately not filled with glue, drilling and nails.  I know!! It's very sad!  But the drill I normally borrow ( we have thought about buying one so many times, but living in less than 600 sq ft makes storage space very limited! We will definitely be getting one when we buy a house!  ) belongs to Josh's dad and unfortunately it was lent to someone that decided to be on vacation this week.  The nerve!   So we could not get it back yet!  Boo! 
It was however, probably a good thing.  You see a friend of mine thought it was a great idea to share her sick germs with me!  Don't you hate when friends decide to share things like that with you?!?  I ended up being terribly sick Saturday and Sunday, and probably would have attempted to build my table despite my only having slept for two hours Saturday night ( seriously that sick! ), being  loaded full of medicine, AND feeling all woosie because of it!  So it's probably a good thing I didn't have the drill, since I may have ended up with a crooked little  Dr. Seuss side table, or a drill whole in my finger!   
I did end up changing the design, just a bit, and may share my sketches with you all tomorrow!  

I also had grandiose plans of at least picking up my lumber today, since it was technically my day off.  I said technically, since I have several side jobs that I do occasionally.  This one I did today is rather fun and not really a job to me, and I get paid about $75 an hour to do it!  So it's well worth it to reschedule my day off to go do it!  Want to know what it is???  I go through people's closets, organize them, put together outfits, and help them get rid of things that are either out of date or don't fit anymore!  I love putting looks together for people!
 I did that for a few hours today, and after running a few errands, I was on my way to the Home Depot to pick up my supplies!  Yay!  I have been so excited to start this thing!
  This is where it started going all wrong.  First, I was given bad directions to avoid the terrible traffic that can happen in my area ( I should have just plugged it into my the gps....poor Josh felt bad, I still love you babe!).  That however was not the worst of it,  all of a sudden the sky turned black.... grey creepy, odd feeling black! Rain started coming down sideways, gusting winds began toppling trees in front of me on the interstate,  not to mention it was raining so hard you could barely see in front of you to avoid things!  I was doing OK until it started hailing on top of it! So here I am driving lost on the interstate, can't pull over because as far as I can tell it looks like a ditch off to the sides, trees and branches falling out of nowhere, rain and wind whipping my car about, topped off with a good dose of hail falling all about!  My quick 35 minute drive home turned into an over 2 1/2 hour,  fist clenching, white knuckle drive!  I was so not in the mood to pick up lumber after that! 
So the great side table adventure continues!  With my three day weekend coming up, I'm hoping to have a finished project by the end of it!
Not being able to sleep Saturday night allowed me hours of free time to surf the internet for inspiration, and I went to my new favorite sight for that!  I know you all  have seen the name Pinterest floating around blog land, but if you haven't taken the time to go see what all the fuss is about, then you most definitely should!  I signed up way back in October, but didn't really even use it until this past month! What could I have been thinking, it's the best site ever!
The idea is, that you while you are surfing the internet and find something you love, you can pin it to your board!  Like living room side tables you may come across while blog hopping.  Normally I would just try to remember where I may have seen the image, but Pinterest has made it so much easier!   If you see something you like, just pin it to your board and you will have it right at your fingertips any time you want!   It's an online inspiration board!  You can also search Pinterest, and see what other people are pinning!  It is such a fantastic way to waste time while you are sick and can't really do anything else!
The only thing is you will have to request an invitation to join ( which took me a few weeks to get one, if I remember correctly), but if you want an invite I will be happy to send you one immediately.  Just leave a comment and your email letting me know!

So here are a few of my favorite Pinterest inspiration images!

Feast your eyes on this candy!

Ok, seriously I've got to stop!  This post is never going to end! 

 Oh, but I LOVE this room too!

Just one more!!

Seriously, I'm done!

Ok, wait I LOVE this chair!
Where can I get one of these!!


  1. What an ordeal. Looking forward to hearing the details when you get the table completed.

  2. I'd love the pinterest invite :)

  3. PLease leave your email if you want a Pinterest invite!!!

  4. Love Loving the 'Get Naked'! Tee he

    T x


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