Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Would Have Thought....

I came across a few super chic finds from the most unexpected place, I'm not even sure how I wondered on over to their website.....I NEVER shop here!  I guess you can find treasures just about anywhere!  Just have to take the time to look!
 Have you all been to Kirkland's lately?
Check out a few of these items, I may just have to snag one of these gorgeous sale mirrors for myself!

sale $59!

sale $59!

sale $59!


sale $349!


These would look fabulous, and very Jonathan Adler-esque spray painted a beautiful glossy white!
Oh, and they are only $12!!  Perfect for a little white makeover!


  1. can't believe you get this at kirkland! Have to check! Thanks for sharing!

  2. If you look at shape alone and don't focus on finish, there are a lot of low cost options out there. I did see the second mirror at an actual Kirkland's store and the finish is pretty garish in person, but like you said, a little paint could make all the difference.

  3. I found your blog from Design It Chic Boost Your Blog and I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me back I also have facebook and if you do too, I will follow you back, just leave me a note

  4. LOVE those bookends! so gorgeous! Just stumbled across your blog - excited to read more!


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