Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Tuesday

 Because I work on Saturdays, I'm normally off on Tuesdays and typically use that day to work on projects around the apartment.  This past month however, has been a little different.  Between working most Tuesdays this past month or something else randomly coming up, I just can't seem to check anything off my list of projects!
Something else came up this past Tuesday, but I can't complain, I had too much fun!

Anyway let me explain, my sister who lives in California has had a bit of a rough time lately with her new..well  four month old, little girl.  Her Husband is deployed; and has been, pretty much since she was born,  Her poor little thing has not been doing so well, it just seems to be one thing after another.   Originally my mom went out to help her for the first month or so, but came back when things got a little easier.  Well this past week, my sister found out that her little one has something called hip dysplasia and will have to wear a brace of some sort to help the problem!
Normally my mom watches my nephew while my other sister is at work ( most daycares in the area have a 6-12 month wait!)  but with everything going on she decided to head back to California to help that sister.  Well that left this sister a little short on the baby watching front!   Are you keeping up with which sister is which?!  It's very confusing trying to explain people without using their names!  I guess I could go all Dr. Suess on you and call them sister one and sister two!  Just count yourself lucky there are only two sister's in this rather long explanation, in case you are wondering there are four girls and one boy in my family!  Now that could get confusing in a little narrative!
 Well, long story short, I offered to watch the little bugger for the day!
He was too much fun!

First off let me just say I DO NOT know how you ladies with kiddos get anything done!  AND my little nephew is such an easy baby, he never fusses!  But I couldn't paint or work with power tools...cause you know....babies and chemical-ly smelling fumes  and power tools, don't mix!  

Josh took the day off to hang out with me and the little guy!  It was so cute!  I came out of the bedroom to see them chillin on the floor, watching a cartoon and talking!  Yes at three months old the little guy loves to talk!

So while Josh was entertaining the little one, I decided it was about time to tackle my dirty little secret......
seriously it's pretty scary!  Cue music from Psycho!  

This stand is right outside of my closet and has become a total catch-all as I get ready in the morning!
Do you see the boxes at the bottom right corner, they are Christmas ornaments that never got put away!!   I mean COME ON!  Christmas was forever ago, and I still haven't put them away!
I gave it a quick clean up before I moved onto cleaning up this flying mess in my closet!
This stand will soon be replaced by a wood dresser, just as soon as I get the new- to- me dresser repainted!  Since it will soon be replaced, I haven't been that stressed about making it look pretty!
I'm thinking I may try to take this old stand apart and remake it into a sofa table for my living room, we'll see how that turns out!

I got a good start on the closet, but had to stop because this little guy decided to wake up!

Anyway, who wants to finish cleaning when it's so much more fun getting this little cutie  to laugh!


  1. What a gorgeous little guy! I hope things get easier for you sister~!

  2. What a little cutie.

    BTW, Ashley, my daughter had hip dysplasia at birth and had to wear a brace for quite some time. It seemed like a big thing at the time, but something the doctor told me put it into perspective. He said that he had a patient whose mother didn't want her child to wear a brace and he eventually, at the age of 16, had to do surgery on the girl to correct what the brace could have done in a fairly short time. The girl spent her summer vacation in a body cast because of the surgery. Trust me, I kept that brace on my baby until she no longer needed it. My daughter is 16 now and I can't imagine her having to go through that kind of ordeal.

    Sorry for writing a novel here, but your sister is lucky to have your support. It is a big deal for a parent when even the smallest thing affects their child.


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