Monday, May 30, 2011

My Memorial Day- fixing a wobbly chair!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Memorial day!
Josh and I decided we were not going to go anywhere, instead we both wanted to stay home and work on projects we have both been trying to get done!  Yay! for days off!   
I thought I would be working on building my accent table for the living room, the one that I told you all about here.  But since I came across my faux bamboo table and chairs this weekend, I've decided that they will get my attention first!
I actually found out a little information about the set, by doing a bit of googling.  I found out that it is a 1950's breakfast table and chair set by Hekman Furniture Company.  I also found a set that is in great condition and is currently for sale on Ebay, for $1000!
This is what a full set looks like!

Now remember my set only has three chairs and is missing the glass table top ( which is the reason it was still available to buy! ). 

Here is what I've spent my morning doing.

I've been outside re-gluing several of the loose spindles, I read online to use rope to tighten and hold it in place while the wood glue dries, that is unless you have the actual cloth clamp thingy used by professionals.  
I'm sure that would have worked better, but this seems to have worked pretty well anyway! 

You can see the finish on the arm has been really messed up somehow!  The previous owner did a number on the finish as well, they stained the crevices of the bamboo or something, and several places have stain dripping down the arms!

You can see a little better the cracked and bubbled finish here!
Several places are like this, Josh's thinks they somehow got to close to a heat source and have been burned.

I'm kinda glad the finish was not in perfect condition!
One, because it enabled me to get the set for so little $$!
And two, I don't feel bad for painting it a glossy white, which I may have after finding it for sale in good condition, for $1,000!!

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  1. Getting a great set like that is a good feeling, but knowing that you got something that could potentially have cost that much more is even better. Looking forward to seeing how the set looks when it's finished.


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