Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'd rest my bum here!

You've heard me say that I'm trying to pull my living room together...well,  I know what I like, but don't always like the price! 
 Champagne taste on a .....well lets just say a teeny tiny budget!  So sometimes it takes me ages to find a piece of furniture I'm willing to buy.  Needless to say, I'm always online browsing for furniture.  Sometimes I come across such a wonderful, unique piece that it makes me want to go out right now and buy a house so I would have a place for it!  Like this gorgeous chair from TJMaxx!  Sigh.....still love it!
  I'm trying to find the perfect chair...not to big....not to little....but comfy with the style I want; a reading chair where I could curl up with a good book,  for my living area.  Well I haven't found that YET, but I did come across this wonderfully, gorgeous chair from World Market that got my heart beating!  I mean I want to go out right now and buy a house so I would have someplace to put it!!  I just love it!

It's not the cheapest deal I've ever seen, but it's not bad at around $100.  I think you get a lot of look for the money!  You can also sign up for their World Market Explorer deals, and get coupons and discounts emailed to you all the time!
Think you might want to rest your bum here!  Well, you can find it right here at World Market!


  1. I am so with you....I love this little stool, which I just stumbled upon at World Market and I swear it was screaming "Take me home" the hubby must have heard it too because he was screaming "No!" hehehe Have a delightful weekend! Xoxoxo

  2. Love it! I have the same problem. I like things that are expensive and then I am surfing the net to get a similar item at a better price. I am finally done with my the majority of my family room.


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