Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To.....

I thought it was about time to show you what I've been working on this week, and the reason for the trip to Ikea last weekend!
Let me introduce you to Karl!
My new love!!  
Oh no, I haven't replaced Josh,  I just love my new sofa!

I'm also loving the Expedite bookcases we picked up from Ikea on our trip....I'm having lots of fun styling them with all my things. Oh, and of course they are great for storage!
 The green curtains will eventually go, one thing at a time though.
Maybe something crisp and white, edged in a vibrant turquoise, well see, its still very much " in progress".

I just LOVE his sleek modern lines, and comfy relaxed slipcover, he's perfect!
I can't wait to I get my new fabric, and I'll start whipping up some new turquoise, coral, and aqua pillows for the room!

Look what I put on top of the new Ikea bookcase, my DIY Kate Spade Ampersand!
It will eventually make its way onto the wall, but I'm still looking for, or looking for inspiration for something I will paint, to go with it.

And don't you love my aqua hourglass, I've been wanting one for ages, and ZGallerie was tempting me with some at $35, but I ran into Home Goods last week and saw this one for $8!
Now that was too good to pass up!

Look what else I found at Home Goods!
There was one right next to Ikea and I just HAD to run in to see what I could find, and I am SO HAPPY I did!  I scored this gorgeous nailhead trimmed ottoman for only $35! It was originally $69, but I got it on clearance!   Perfect color for the new living room, I really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, I think I may have even squealed!  Poor Josh, I think I embarrassed him...haha...but I LOVE it!  Don't you?!

Do you want to know, this coffee table it what actually got me interested in DIY!
It was the very first thing I ever refinished, and has made it through college and several moves afterwards.
I've loved it for so long I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I'm really wanting to get something a little more modern, but I can't bare to get rid of the thing!

My little nailhead trimmed ottoman is looking perfect next to Karl!

Josh surprised me with some lovely flowers for Valentines Day!   I've got them on my coffee table, for some reason that's were I seem to enjoy them the most.  Maybe one of these days I'll find a new favorite spot.

Well, there you go, that's just a little glimpse of some of the changes going on around here!
What have you all been up to lately?


  1. Go Karl! He looks great.

    Ottoman is a great find. I wish we had homegoods in Australia.

    XX Samantha

  2. I'm loving the whole room! So cute! And I adore those flowers! So ready for spring and all its bright colors!

  3. Wow! Everything is looking gooood! I want to see pictures of the rest of your home! It looks gorgeous!

  4. Everything is so perfect! Love the painting on top of the bookcase.

  5. I wish Home Goods was still open right now so I could look for that ottoman! #35!? That's NUTS! What a find! And you also did a great job on that watercolor ampersand! <3

  6. What great finds! The couch, the table, love it all =)

  7. Everything looks great! Wonderful job.

  8. Your room looks great! Love all the color. I'm off to check out the ampersand.


  9. Great changes. I love the hour glass I have had my eye on them.

  10. I love everything you got at Ikea and Home Goods. I've had my eye on one of those hour glasses...I don't think I ever saw aqua or I would have definitely bought it. I kind of like the idea of your coffee table not being as modern as everything else. I think it gives the room more interest and especially since it has sentimental value...I would keep it. I like the way it works.

  11. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful!

    Stop by the Beach Bungalow sometime soon and say hello!


  12. I love the new sofa too. I have been eyeing some bookcases from Ikea, but the nearest one is five hours away. Cry!


  13. Love the set-up you have going on here! It's beautiful!

  14. It looks amazing! I love how all the colors blend so well. I'm your newest follower! Visit me at sageandcocoa.blogspot.com.
    I'm brand new to this blog 'thing' so give me any pointers you might have. :) Site looks great!!!

  15. Aren't slipcovers the best? I think you and Karl are going to be very happy together. Love all the updates you've made, you're room looks so fresh, almost spring-y.

  16. That ottoman is da bomb. I LOVE the colors you have in there. Looks great.

  17. So many great pieces and touches, love all of it. Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.

  18. Everything looks beautiful! Isn't Ikea wonderful?? I love the nailhead ottoman, too! Oh, how I wish there was one nearby!

  19. The nailhead ottoman is really wonderful.. I have both Home Goods and Ikea much too close to me.. My new sofa came from Ikea just two weeks ago and I'm in love with it also...
    Nice changes there!
    Have fun!

  20. fresh and inviting! love the little details - ampersand, hourglass, flowers, nailheads...
    would love to have you as a follower of my new little blog:



  21. Your living room is so lovely! I love the couch and the ottoman. I think I need an hour glass now, I'll keep my eye out for one. :)

  22. A truly lovely space, and I love how the fresh flowers add so much. Thanks for linking up!

  23. The entire room is adorable! Your new sofa is lovely and the splash of colors of the flowers on your coffee table brings so much life to the place.

  24. I love this! It makes me excited for Spring! I'd love for you to share this at I Heart Nap Time

  25. Beautiful!!! Welcome Carl! :) Pretty flowers are the best to add a little pop of color and the outside to a room! Thanks for linking this and all your lovely ideas to Fancy This Fridays!!!

  26. Hey Ahsley, this living room is AWESOME. I really pretty much love everything about it. All those pretty flowers on your coffee table are just full of color, and make me so happy to look at.

    SO I HAD TO FEATURE YOU. Come check out your post in my new sidebar section, you will be there until next week girl.

    Thanks for linking up to Bella Before and After **AMAZE ME AUGUST**, and GUESS what? I have a fabulous giveaway going on this week too for the cutest ZEBRA print APRON, and TOWEL SET. Come enter before it's too late. GIVEAWAY HERE, I really appreciate the support girl.

    Bella :)

  27. The room is beautiful! I found your blog at the DIY Showoff. You have such great ideas and I'm your newest follower! I'd love it if you'd follow me back: http://stillwaterstory.blogspot.com/
    Again, you did a fantastic job with this!! :-)

  28. Gorgeous room! I love Homegoods too. Great finds!

  29. Ashley - it's stunning! I love every little details. So refreshing, comfortable, beautiful! Great job!


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