Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Blanket Turorial

Ok, so I just realized that I have a tendency to tell you guys that I will get back to you with a tutorial and I always seem to forget!
So here is the first of a few sewing tutorials for past projects.

Baby Blanket Tutorial.

This is a very easy blanket to make, I think it took me longer to pick out the fabric than to cut and sew it together!  I used a Minky fabric and a soft flannel to make mine, but you could also use a pajama satin or a fun patterned cotton print.

Cut your inside fabric 30"x 35"
Cut your outside fabric 35"x 40"

I decided  to use the minky for my outside fabric and the flannel for the inside but you really can make it either way, there is no wrong way!

Next place the wrong sides together and center your inside fabric over the outside fabric, mine was not perfectly centered,  just get it the best you can.
Fold outside fabric over the inside fabric with 1/4 inch hem then pin into place.
A little trick when pinning together any stretchy fabric, start in the middle of any one side, then pin together corners of said side, this will keep the fabric from stretching out as you pin along the side making the one fabric longer than  the other. To finish pin the rest of the side into place.

The corners are the most difficult part of this blanket, but with a few minutes of refolding them mine came out just fine!
Fold and miter the corners. 
Sorry I have no pictures of this, but you basically fold the outside fabric so that the tip of the outside fabric meets the tip of the inside fabric, then fold again. The hemmed corners should now meet forming your corner.

I totally forgot to take pictures of this, so google mitered corner if you still need help!

Now you just topstitch the hemmed edges, trying to stay close to the edge so the hem you folded under is sewn down, I finished the all four edges before I topstitched each mitered corner.
That's it! Super easy! 
I'm in the process of making a few more, so I will try to get more detailed pictures of the whole process!


  1. It's adorable, looks so cozy. My sister made each of my two babies a quilt when they were born and I cherish them. Handmade gifts are really special.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm going to try it!
    Stopping by from

  3. These blankets are adorable! Popped over from the post on the froggie blanket... Thanks for sharing the tutorial!


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