Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Swap!

He guys, welcome to my first blog swap!
Charlie from Attempting Aloha will be sharing a few projects with you today, while I am battling my way threw D.C. traffic to Ikea!
Wish me Luck!

 Aloha Blonde's DIY Life fans!  My name is Charlie (pink, not blue). and I'm thrilled to be swapping blogs with Ashley today.  I've been following her almost from the beginning, and I'm so in love with her style. The girl has talent! And she's super sweet to boot! And pretty. Triple threat. I'm working on jealousy this year, so I'm putting all that aside and still being friends with her. ;)
So see that flower pillow in my header? That lovely little thing was actually inspired by one Ashley bought to sit on her fabulous bench she transformed!

But today I really wanted to show you a few Valentine's creations I've been working on. You've got a week left to bust out some decor and make some sweet gifts, so here's what I've come up with (so far...).
I just finished this "P.S. I Love Your Laughter" sign yesterday morning. It's a sign to put in our bedroom that I'll be giving to my sweetheart for Valentine's Day. I'm sure I'll appreciate it much more than he does, but hopefully it will give me a daily reminder to keep him smiling.

I also made a little heart-shaped fabric wreath out of a hanger and white fabric. I had to play around with where I put it, though...
First I hung it on a bright red platter in our dining room:

But then my husband came home and told me it looked like something out of Victoria's Secret, so I decided to hang it on our living room mirror instead:

And I invented the "Valentine's Stocking" for my husband and I to put treats for our girls in on Valentine's Day morning.

 And if you love flowers and burlap, here's a great way to combine the two: Burlap-covered vase! I bought a cheap $1.50 plastic vase from a party supply store and dressed it in some burlap. Sure, I get the occasional complaint from the vase about the itching, but she's so happy to finally have flowers adorning her that she doesn't mind too much. ;)   And if you don't have fresh flowers blooming in your front yard, an empty vase on your table is an excellent way to send a hint to the Mr. about what to give you for Valentine's Day!
Wrap a pink ribbon around a Goodwill-find pillow, slap a flower on there and call it a day!
Lazy-mom's version of Valentine's art:
I have no pics yet with love notes, but I'll show you what we're doing. I made this chicken wire display to show off our cards from friends at Christmas, and we've decided to share love notes with each of our family members on it leading up to Valentine's Day. So everyone checks daily to see if they got a new note on the wall. :)

Thanks again, Ashley, for letting me visit and joining Swap 'n' Meet Saturday. You have fabulous readers, and I'm excited to have the chance to meet them!
Come stop by anytime you're needing a little sunshine and sand. We LOVE tourists. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of Charlie's projects!


  1. Aloha- I like the PS: I love.... Our 1st year wedding anniversary is the week after valentines day, might be borrowing this idea.

    PS- I am heading over to check Aloha out now!


  2. I love when families come up with their own traditions. The Valentine's Day stocking is such a fun idea.

  3. Awesome projects. Thanks for sharing!


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