Friday, January 13, 2012

Am I the last person on earth still putting Christmas stuff away?!?!

Am I the only one out there still putting away the Christmas decor?!?!  I keep finding stuff which is not helping, but then again I haven't even started taking down my little white Christmas tree!  
Some how this time of year always make me want to get organized, to clean things out for good!  I'm laughing now, because I just can't seem to keep things clean....ever!  Living in less than 600 sq doesn't help either,  one little thing gets out of place and it's total chaos over here!  One thing that I've been dying to work on is the bedroom, as I spent most of last year working on the living room.   It's still not DONE, but so much better than where is was a little over a year ago.  
One thing that I've desperatly needed for the bedroom, is a dresser of my own.  You see Josh and I have been sharing a six drawer dresser he had growing up.  I do not like it, but we have not updated it as it serves it's function and he seems rather attached to it!  I even suggested a little paint makeover for it last year and he seemed turned off by that.  Why do boys love ugly things?!? Anywhoooo,  I've ordered a few solid wood dressers, that will be getting a fabulous paint and trim makeover once they get here!
I've been surfing around Pinterest for some organizing inspiration lately and have found a few things  I LOVE!

.....if only I could make my closet look like this!



  1. That's hilarious. My husband would pick out the ugliest stuff if I let him. I am haunted by the memory of trying to pick out a duvet cover 6 years ago. Now I just go by myself :). I hear you on the 600 sq. feet. We were there for years. You have such pretty Christmas stuff so I would enjoy it until you get it all put away. Good luck!

  2. I love that first dresser, it's gorgeous! I can't wait to see how yours turns out :)


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