Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Cheap Chic Find!

Right before New Years I was shopping with a girlfriend in Crate and Barrel and saw some Champagne glasses that I fell in love with!  I did not get them at the time and kinda regretted it as soon as I got home, my closest Crate and Barrel is over an hour away.  Now the reason I didn't get them at the time was I really didn't need them and had just come from Saks and had dropped a pretty penny on some new Chanel makeup!  So the thirty or so dollars for a few glasses that I wasn't sure we would even use anytime soon, well I just couldn't get them!   But I literally could not stop thinking about these beauties!

After Josh and I decided we were staying in on New Years Eve, and I decided I wanted to make some champagne cocktails I REALLY wished I had sucked it up and purchased those champagne glasses!
We also had no champagne glasses at home either, so come New Years Eve, I set out in search for something.  
Our first and only stop ( thankfully it was our only stop, cause it was kinda late to be buying glassware for the big night! ) was Pier 1.   I saw several plain and a few fabulous glasses that may have worked,  but I knew I found the one, when I saw a  knock off of my Crate and Barrel loves!
Bonus they were on sale for less than four dollars!
Can't beat that!

 As the New Year began, we toasted each other with these lovely glasses filled with a champagne cocktail called a blushing bride,  soooooo yummy!
Here's what you need to make one!
Peach Schnapps -1 oz
Grenadine -1 oz
Champagne - top off the glass

I also substituted the grenadine for chambord and that was super yummy too!




  1. That drink sounds fab & love the glasses too!

  2. You had me at Champagne & Chambord.... peach schnapps takes it to a whole nother level, Happy New year loves!

  3. Seriously, so gorgeous! I think the ones you ended up with are even more gorgeous than the Crate & Barrel ones!


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