Friday, March 18, 2011


I know you all have been waiting impatiently at your computers for me to finish my DIY artwork! I mean you have, haven't you?!? Haha just kidding, I know most of you probably don't obsessively stalk blogs to see when a new post has posted ......... yeah......yeah me neither.....I mean that would be weird right?
So enough of my ramblings! Now you know I am one of those blog stalkers, but I promise to keep my stalking to blogs only!

So back to the reason for the post...want to know what I've been switcheroo-ing ( yes it's totally a word!)

I'm trying to figure out the placement for my living room gallery wall!

I bought the large reproduction from Pier 1 several weeks ago, it was the inspiration for all the vintage inspired artwork I've been creating lately!

These are some of my favorite photos, they were all taken on a trip to Hawaii and developed old a dark room!  No digital images here!  Don't you think they have such a great old school feel?

hmmmm....I was really stumped on the layout!

Almost there I think, but still missing something!

This is just about it!  Stay tuned to see my final layout up on the wall!


  1. Your artwork is beautiful! Very impressive

  2. I think you got it. I can't wait to see you hang it.

  3. OMG Ashley, I'm in love with the retro feel of the art, very Mad Men!


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