Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Design Inspiration!

Today I started out thinking that I would get some Christmas shopping done, then I realized that the shopping I have already done really doesn't have a home at the moment.  So.... I started cleaning and organizing and now it's about nine in the evening!   My day has really gotten away from me without getting a whole lotta projects finished!

I did managed to find some drapery hardware I liked for my DIY bedroom drapes!  I am excited about that, I had to also rearrange the drill holes for the curtain rod, as I wanted these new drapes to be hung a bit higher for a more dramatic effect.  I still have to hem the panels, but this way I can see exactly how much I need to take them up.  I will have to wait till the morning to snap some pictures, as we do  not have any bright lights in the bedroom!
I will post pictures soon!
I was looking for some design inspiration today and came across designer Amanda Nesbet.
Check out her gorgeous rooms!

Love it!

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