Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Things

 Have I told you all that I have two sisters who are preggers!  Well I do, one of which is actually having her little girl as we speak!  Alas, she is in California, so I will not get to see her little one for a while.  However, my other sister literally lives right around the corner from me and  her baby shower is this weekend. So I thought I would make some cute bedding for her.  Well, actually she asked me to when she found out she was pregnant and couldn't find anything she really liked.  This is the first little blanket I'm going to make for her, I also want to do a green and white one that's monographed in the center! 
But as I have never made a baby item in my life and I couldn't find a pattern I liked,  I thought I would start with an easy one. 

I don't think its going to take long to make, cutting the fabric is probably the worst part for me, and thats only because I don't have a work space!  I make everything on my coffee table!  Just in case you were wondering why my pictures always look like they are taken in the same area, thats because they are!
I really should show you all my coffee table, it's actually what got me into DIY!
In college someone gave me this great piece, but it was such a hideous oak color, that I repainted it white then a pretty green and used several different techniques to give it a distressed look!  I've had it for over 6 years now, but I still love it!  Several friends are begging for it, if I ever decide to get rid of it.....who knows....
Anywho.....I have completely gotten off topic, and really should  get back to my project!
A tutorial and more photos to follow!


  1. Aww! I love baby stuff. That blanket is adorable. Love the fabric choice.

  2. nicely done! It's precious!

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  4. Great blanket! Can you tell me what kind of fabric (brand) the alphabet patches are? So cute!

  5. Wow...you can make that?? I can't wait to see! I wish I could sew!!

    Super cute blog! I never saw the old look, but I LOVE the new look!! So bright and fun!

  6. My sister is an award winning quilter and makes every new baby in the family a quilt. I really treasure the quilts she made my children. It's a real labor of love. I'm sure your sister's will love that you took the time to make something special for their babies.

  7. Really Cute Ashley!

  8. To everyone who asked the brand of the fabric, it may have been something only sold by JoAnne fabric, that was the only name on the side.

  9. so cute, thanks for linking to my party. do you sell these?

  10. Thanks Ashley, I think I will check my local JoAnnes and see if they have some. Hope your sister enjoys the blanket!

  11. That fabric is adorable! I'm sure it will be well used! Congrats on being a new aunt!
    Thanks for linking this up as well!


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