Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fabric Problem!

Have I mentioned that I have a little bit of a fabric obsession?
 I just got done ordering these fabulous prints from Fabric.com 

I have yards and yards of unused, but fabulous fabric! ( I have plans for most of it, it's just finding the time to get it all done)  But I just couldn't help myself, I can not pass up such wonderful fabric especially when they were having a sale, AND I got to use a coupon code!   I have no idea what I am going to make out of these delicious choices, but they happen to be the colors I'm currently working with in my bedroom, so who knows!
Go check out Fabric.com if you get the chance ( I have not been paid to promote them, I just love them!) they have such a great selection of Home Decor Fabric, shipping is free over $35, and they have always cut more than the yardage I ordered!  BONUS!  Thats definitely come in handy when my guess-timations have been off!
Anyway, all of the above fabric choices are from Premier Prints, I have used their fabric for many projects and just love the quality, especially for the price on fabric.com !  I think I ended up paying only $5.50 a yd for this last round of fabric!  Just an extra tip, google coupon codes to find an extra discount!

Keep checking back to see what I whip up for this lot!
Do you guys have something that you just can't stop buying, even though you don't have any need for it at the moment?


  1. I have a similar fabric issue. Maybe there's a fabrics anonymous for us? I'm running out of room under the bed for the rolls of fabric.

  2. I have a closet filled with a yard or two of a variety of fabrics. I sometimes buy remnants at the fabric store just knowing I'll use them, ususaly that doesn't happen. Fabric.com is one of my favorite sources too. Do you have other fav's online?

  3. I bought a lot of fabric for a great price the other day and have no clue what I will be using it for!

  4. I'm going to check them out. Love your choices and looking forward to seeing what you will do with them. You are so creative.

  5. i, too, have a fabric addition! great choices!

  6. I have to do a post about my fabric splurge a couple weeks ago. We have a huge discount fabric store near us, and everything was on sale $1.99 a yard, hello, I got a ton of stuff, and now like you it's just sitting there. BUT I have plans for most of it, I think, he he, lol. A new sewing machine might help, mine is easily 25 years old, lol.

    Bella :)

  7. You have been selected for the crafty blogger Award.

    check it out.

  8. I have a fabric problem also, but mine is I can't decide which ones to buy because I love so many of them. Maybe we need to exchange some fabric issues we may balance them out.

  9. oooooo I have such a huge collection of remnants! Who knows what I'll use most of it for... And I love fabric.com they've got an overwhelming selection. Great print choices!

  10. HEY Ashley! Im your newest follower! OK, FIRST...You are the cutest thing Eva'...you had me gigglin reading your post...I found you at a linky and LOVE your pillow you made PLAYin with your new *TOY*...I would LOVE for you to link it up at my Whassup Linky and would love to have you as a new follower :) LINK up some of you Pretties!



  11. I just ordered 10 swatches from them yesterday!!


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