Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis The Season

Tis the Season for all the glitz and glam, the rushing and shopping, the hustle and bustle, the parties and get-togethers!  I am typically the one that plans and decorates, is out and about soaking up all the pre-holiday goodness, this year I decided less is more.  I didn't put up quite a bit of my holiday decorations, all I want to do for Christmas and New Years is sleep in, sip hot coco or tea, stay in my Pj's all day, and just relax and enjoy the quite.  
It has been a great, but long and exhausting week, the wonderful part is that my sister's husband returned from his deployment, just in time to spend the holidays with her, my nephew and there little one who is on the way.  There was a little to do about him getting home as we had a snowstorm that day, but my lovely Josh braved the weather and the slippery roads to pick the fella up from the airport.
I am so happy for them, and a little selfishly for me as well.  Josh calls me a worrier when it comes to people I love.  She lives less than five minutes from me, but I still worried about them all the time! She doesn't know that and probably wouldn't want  me to say it either, but there it is.  I worried about her the whole time he was deployed! 
But I can now take a little break from that : )
So that I think, is a major reason why I want to take a little break from it all and just relax.  I won't be doing that for Christmas, as we will be visiting several different families homes that day, and I don't know about New Years Eve yet either, but I can say that as for tomorrow, you will find me here wrapped in my fluffy down blankets, sipping tea, and hopefully re-watching all my favorite Christmas movies.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. That sounds like an ideal way to spend the day.

    So happy to hear that your Brother-in-law will be home for Christmas.


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