Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Wrapped Up in Ribbons and Bows.....

I don't know about you all, but around here all the getting ready for the Holidays has not left alot of time for completing DIY projects!  Mainly because this past week has been filling with wrapping all the gifts purchased the previous weeks!  One of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping everything up in gorgeous paper and bows!

I found all this fabulous wrapping paper at TjMaxx.  It's so nice and thick!  I hate when you buy a great looking role of paper and it so thin you can see through it!   The red embossed croc is my favorite!  It's so chic, I bought it in a few colors!


  1. TJ Maxx is the best! I love all your bows! truly a work of art

  2. Is it bad that now I want to make a trip to TJ Maxx and unwrap and rewrap all my presents in that paper?? hahahaha :)

  3. How cute!!! It puts my Dollar store wrapping paper to shame!!!

  4. Your wrapping looks amazing, what pretty ribbon!

  5. Your presents look so pretty!!


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