Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's been a lot going on around here!

Holy Moly!  I have not blogged in nearly three weeks, and I miss my bloggy friends!  
I've been under the weather these last few weeks, and am just now starting to feel better and get back to all fun extras.
I received several lovely emails from  my fabulous readers checking in and making sure everything was ok, Thank YOU!  You all are so sweet!

I do have some exciting news to tell you all!

YUP, we're finally get a bigger place.  I'm very excited!  Though also feeling overwhelmed with the whole packing up your life in a box process!
  How do you all do it?
Do you all have any tried and true tips for the whole process??
Please share them!!

We have until the end of March to get everything packed and ready and while we are not moving very far away and our current place is small, it still seems a bit daunting to even think about it! 
So that's my exciting news!  Do you all have any huge changes coming up? 
The regular Friday Link Party will start up again this week, so make sure you come by and link up anything I may have missed these last few weeks!



  1. Love your blog!

    I've only moved once as an adult, so my advice is pretty limited. 1) Pack the things you're least likely to use first since they'll be unavailable for the longest period of time. When we moved, the first things we packed were our massive bookcases. 2) Pack several boxes of necessities last and mark them clearly or keep them separated from the other boxes! If you're a coffee addict, pack your coffee maker and supplies so that you'll be able to make your first pot immediately upon arrival without digging through piles of boxes. Also pack necessities like pajamas and bed linens so they're ready when you need them.

    1. Love the tip about keeping the coffee maker close! That one will definitely come in handy!! Thanks!

  2. My advice is take it one room and one piece at a time. Then it's not so overwhelming! We've moved five times in the last two years to get to the home we finally purchased of our own. :) Also, get those plastic bins or some really sturdy boxes! It makes no sense to pack it up in a cheapo box that breaks.

    1. oh gosh! five times in the last two years!!! Want to come pack my things up for me!? I figure you have to be a pro at this point!! Glad to hear that your settled in your own place now!

  3. I've been relying on less sleep and more coffee....but I should really not do that forever! lol

    Good luck! New places are exciting!

    @ Creatively Living

  4. Glad to hear you're alright...I was worrying! As a Home Stager, I've found that people are always happiest when they keep a couple of boxes clearly marked with the 'vital necessities', like coffee/filters/cream/wine/whatever you can't live without! And then just know that many things will probably go wrong, so don't let it get to you!

    1. Thanks Carol! The coffee, wine and martini stuff will definitely be in the VITAL necessities box!

  5. Congrats!! Moving indeed can be daunting, but it's so worth it for a place you love =)

  6. welcome back congrats on the move my tip pack room by room and don't leave any packing for last day that day will be crazy enough and label all boxes by the room so when unloading trucks you don't get bum-barred w where does this box go?? lol good luck

  7. Glad you are feeling better! Happy packing!!!

  8. Glad to see you're doing better, Ashley! The whole moving this is definitely tough, and as much as I would LOVE to have some practical advice, I'm the type that just chucks non-breakable things into a box and labels it 'THINGS'... so yeah, I shouldn't be helping anyone organize their move. haha

    Well, I hope everything goes well with your move! Your new, far-away, bigger place sounds exciting! :)

    -Jane @


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