Saturday, October 8, 2011

Have you been missing me?!?!

Well I just want to say I have been missing you all terribly,  and I'm so sorry I have been gone so long!   
Honestly I didn't mean to take such a long break from the blog, I didn't mean to even take a break!  Some how time just got away from me!  Between working overtime and getting sick.... and all that good stuff, it's been a month since I've actually blogged anything!  I just HATE that!  I mean really I hate it!  I've come to love this little ole blog, and all the friends I've met through it mean so much to me!

Ok so I have been busy with projects this month, even though I have not shared any of them with you all!
This is a list of things I've finished in the last few weeks that I will be sharing with you all in the next few days.....
My lovely living room rug from West Elm finally arrived!
And I love it!  I mean really love it,  it really adds that fun little zip to the room!
New DIY living room drapes have been finished and hung!
I'm also half way finished with a DIY side table for the living room.
I've completed the artwork for two custom invitations.
I've also completed a few new pieces of artwork for the living room!  
I have finally taken pictures of my DIY sofa tables, and I am ready to show you all how they have been working for me this past month!  I don't really know how I lived without them before!

Here's a lovely little swap out I did today....

This is how my tv console use to look....

Well I found a cute little Buddha head at Tjmaxx and the price was so good I just had to have it!
Here's how it looks sitting on the tv console.

Excuse the rest of the mess on the console table, I was too lazy to put the stack of DVD'S away.  Hey, I'm keeping it real here people!  

So what do you think?!  Is the Buddha head a win?  I think so!
 But I LOVE hearing what you all think!!



  1. "I'm Chuck Bass"

    You did a great styling job!

  2. Thanks girl!! Haha! I'm addicted to Gossip Girl!

  3. Welcome back Ashley, you were missed.

  4. I think the new "head" was a great addition to your already posh vignette. Your space reads fun, organized, and well thought out... the head throws a new dimmension in the mix.

  5. Welcome back!! It's looking great!! Can't wait to see/hear about everything else going on!

  6. Love it and love tkmaxx (we swap the j for a k in the uk lol) and love how u have styled the bookcases, v nice x


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