Friday, September 2, 2011

Come on over!

Today I'm visiting with one of my favorite blogging buddy friends, Budget Blonde

How cute is she?!?!  Note to self, must buy a large gorgeous hat!  Just because!
Don't you just love it!
Cat also just moved to the gorgeous island of Grenada, I'm going to be dreaming about all her lovely beach photos, especially once it really starts to get cold here!   If you know me well, you also know I'm dying to move to an island somewhere.......  Do you think maybe they have more room for another blonde in Grenada??

Anywhoooo I was super excited to get an email from Cat the other day asking me to be one of her Budget Buddies and write a guest post about one of our favorite things!!  You will have to come on over and see what I decided to write about!  Don't forget to tell Cat hi! 

P.S.  Come join my fabulous rolled canvas giveaway going on right now!  


  1. So glad to have you over on Budget Blonde! Thanks again for taking the time to write a guest post, love! And totally, they have room for another blonde down here. But, there are about 10 blonde women on the entire island so be prepared to be gawked at, lol.

    Thanks again girlie!


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