Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back From Home Depot!

I'm back from my early morning trip to Home Depot!  You might notice that it's not the morning anymore, let alone the early morning.  Home Depot was crazy busy!  Don't you people work!?! 
I'm just kidding!  Anyway it took me two hours to get what I needed!
Want to see?!?

Yup!  Lots of wood!  And yes, it is sitting on my coffee table....I like to distress my furniture naturally!
Can you guess what it's for?!
If you think it may be for the accent table I blogged about here, well you would be wrong!
I know, I know!  I said I was going to finish that several weeks ago!  But if you remember I had a few problems tracking down our borrowed drill, and then I was distracted by my Hollywood Regency Chair Transformation
I promise I will get to the accent table soon, but I must admit I have been sidetracked by another project!  Well two projects actually, one kinda led into the other!  
I'm not going to tell you what I'm up to though, you will have to stay tuned for my either fabulous something I'm going to build, or an explanation of my utter failure!  
I sincerely hope it's the first one though!



  1. That's the way it is with home improvement, one thing leads to another.

  2. just bought a house and excited to be an avid home depot shopper! (never thought I'd see the day.) happy new follower - anxious to see what kind of DIY things I can take on!


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